An ear, a nose, and a person's head/scalp is shown with eczema.

Finding Eczema in Unexpected Places

A while back, I had a severe flare-up, my wrist was burning, my leg was scaly, and I had rashes all over my body. This is pretty normal for me, there are times where I foolishly disregard my diet and eat something that triggers a flare-up, however this time it was different. Usually, whenever I have a flare there are a few certain spots that get worse, specifically my wrist and my upper thigh, but since I accidentally indulged too much, I had flared in places I’ve never experienced before!

Eczema in my nose!?

I am a bit nosy. The first new rash I had found was in my nostrils! It was the most surprising discovery since I had never experienced eczema there before. Out of all the new rashes, this one hurt the most. Every time I sneezed it felt like someone was digging a knife into my nostrils. And whenever I would scratch the outside of my nose, the pain would be so horrible that I wanted to cry. It was awful!

Could I use my go-to topicals?

It was also terrifying since I had never experienced nose eczema before and I had no idea if it would be okay to shove my usual topical treatment up my nose. Luckily, it was safe to use my ointment in my nostrils, it smelled horrendous, but it got the job done and it healed within weeks.

Eczema in my ear!?

What do you hear? The second uncomfortable rash I had discovered was on my ear. It was located on the scapha of my left ear. Luckily, it was not as bad as my nostrils, but since it was on my ear it made sleeping exceedingly difficult! See, I like to sleep on my sides. I occasionally will sleep on my back but laying on either side is much more comfortable for me, especially my left side. When I realized I could not sleep on that side due to discomfort, I had trouble sleeping for weeks until it finally went away.

Eczema on my scalp!?

Going to the top. I tend to have a bad habit of scratching my scalp whenever I feel fidgety. One afternoon I was watching TV with my family and unconsciously began scratching my scalp when suddenly, I found what I thought to be dead skin on the very top of my scalp. I stupidly decided to try and pick it off, which then led to a sudden surge of pain and my realization that this was not dead skin, rather it was a small patch of eczema.

Direct contact made it painful

It was an awful experience that almost caused me to scream out in pain. Thankfully, unlike my nostrils and ear, it did not hurt unless I made direct contact with it. It was an absolute pain when it came to showering since I like to really dig into my head when washing it. It was also quite annoying since I have a problem with my scalp getting greasy and putting my ointment on it made it even worse! I did not leave my house until it was healed since getting the grease to wash out became incredibly difficult. Fortunately, it went away after a few weeks and the grease from my scalp started to decrease.

The rashes were fading away

After nearly a month all the new rashes had gone away, they each took their own time but eventually I was free. I have never experienced a flare-up like this before and it made me realize how much I need to be careful of what I eat unless I want another uncomfortably odd flare-up.

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