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Are You "Qualified" to Handle Skin Issues?

Some people just know things. You’ve seen them – all competent and the takey carey of business types. I really don’t think our family had enough information to deal with skin issues. Even though it seemed to be in our genes, we simply were not qualified at first. We were certainly not in the loop regarding red scaly skin. Raised dry bumps were a bit outside our realm of knowledge also. It was way beyond our scope to understand the whole itching process.

We had hoped going to the dermatologist would be kind of like going to the dentist; first you numb, then you drill. Turns out, skin issues don’t work that way. We had a lot to learn. Over time, we did become experts in different areas of skin care. I would say that we are now fairly "qualified" to handle skin issues in our family.

Each family member has a role to play

The Pharmacist

Knowing how drugs interact with your skin is important. Understanding how they work with other medications is crucial. You will learn a lot along as you go, but remember, your nearby pharmacist is always a phone call away.

The Meteorologist

Somebody has got to keep an eye on weather conditions. If it’s going to be hot, be ready. For windy or cold days, know what to pack. Even on mild weather days, we have sunscreen, medicines, and creams. Check the weather and you can be prepared for any skin care problem that is weather related.

The Nutritionist

You might not have known much about skin allergies and food before. When you or someone you love is diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, it’s easy to become an expert. You quickly discover which foods are more likely to cause a high allergic reaction. Safe foods are memorized to quick reference. You have probably provided meals and snacks for a variety of people with all types of skin! I feel like some of my recipes for picnic type treats could be eaten by anyone in the world, no matter what their skin problem was.

The Dermatologist

These guys deserve, and get, a lot of respect from us. Their education offers qualified help to give us get relief from skin problems. When they talk, we listen. That helps us get smarter too. We learn how to follow instructions because we have gained a lot of expertise!

The Psychologist

It can be mentally distressing to have, or help others, who have blistery oozing skin. Itching creates a lot of nervous energy. Living with skin problems in general call for a calm and settled state of mind. You learn how to sooth yourself and others. You are able to take calm and mindful breaths in the middle of a storm.

There is no way that any of us could ever have all of the skills of these experts. We can sure call on any of them when needed. Be patient with yourself while learning new words and conditions. Remember your experience with skin care will leave you with some expert knowledge over the long haul.

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