Where Is Your Happy Place?

Have you ever been to a place in which you feel so much peace?

For me, there are a lot of places that I can think of. If I had to narrow down my list, I would choose to live next to the ocean. For me, that has always been the ocean. I find so much calmness and relaxation when I go to the ocean. Being by the ocean allows me to forget about all my worries and problems that I may be going through. I just feel so at ease speaking about the ocean. The ocean for centuries has been known for its healing powers and greatness.

I feel calm at the beach

One reason why I love the ocean so much is that it causes me calmness — starting from the sound of the waves which can be so relaxing to me. Listening to the sound of the waves when I am feeling anxious or itchy helps reduce my anxiety. Which in turn allows me not to scratch my skin to death and leave my skin alone to heal.

The sound of the ocean brings me peace

When I am having a hard day either at school or work, I listen to music on Youtube. I can simply look up "ocean sounds" or "ocean waves" and find so many options. This helps me restore my energy and bring my mind at ease for a few minutes. Also, I have noticed that it helps me a lot with my concentration when I am having trouble getting something done.

My skin feels clearer at the ocean

The second reason I like the ocean is that my skin becomes clear of eczema. The first time I noticed that my skin became clear was when I went to Mexico a few years ago. I tend to stay about a week when I go to the ocean. When I got into the water, my skin felt so good and didn't burn. Even when I might be flaring, my skin tends to love the feeling of saltwater.

But which beach?

The place I have been going to is in Cancun, Mexico. The water tends to be so warm and perfect for the humid weather. The mix of hot, humid weather and saltwater from the sea makes my skin feel happy.

It's my happy place

The last reason is that it increases my overall happiness with endorphins, vitamin D, and minerals. I believe this is a strong reason why my mind tends to release the stress inside of me.

A reduced-stress environment

From my experience and what the doctors have told me, eczema can appear due to stress. Stress is something that I struggle with daily, which is why I would love to leave by the ocean and experience the changes in my body. What I mean is that I would feel less stress living in a place like this and would like to see how it would impact my eczema. Luckily, I live in a place where I am 40 minutes away from the ocean. I can easily drive there and go for a few hours to relax.

When was the last time you went to a place that brought you joy? Where is your happy place?

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