Hot Feet

I have hot feet. It can be embarrassing and is something that I am always constantly aware of.

Since I can remember, I have had hot feet.

Eczema on my feet

My eczema has always been worse on my feet. Rashes on the heels and ankles. Hardening of the skin to the point it all has to peel off, and it has to regenerate again. Hot, itchy feet that are unbearable. I lose sleep over my hot, itchy feet.

It is a catch 22 where you want your feet to breathe, but you end up just scratching them off. I remember when my feet were so hot and itchy camping that I just left my shoes on because they were so red hot and itchy.

Leaving greasy footprints

I have to walk around the house with something on my feet. My feet will leave a nasty grease footprint on every step. I have laminate hardwoods, and if I do not wear footwear, there are my greasy footprints everywhere. Carpets are not good either, as my feet will start to wear a nasty greasy trail on the carpet. Even with socks on, my feet will leave greasy footprints all over the house. So I have to wear flip-flops or slippers, something that will not overheat my feet.

When I was a kid, I always had eczema rashes and cracks on the heel and ankle of my feet. I was always scratching them. I do not get the cracks on my heels anymore — just hot greasy feet.

My daily routine

My daily routine is to shower in the morning, and I will scrub both feet with soap. After showering, I moisturize from my head to my little toe. For the past 18 months, I have been using Dermeze Ointment. Now I know that the ointment makes my feet greasy, so I will slip on a pair of socks for a half hour before I put on my fresh pair of socks that I will wear for the day. I also moisturize my feet before bed.

My feet are hard to live with

I wear socks and shoes to work every day, so my feet are covered Monday to Friday for 8 to 10 hours a day.

I do not use steroid cream unless there is a severe rash breakout.

When I started Dupixent in May, the skin on the bottom of my feet became hardened and peeled off like an orange. It was very uncomfortable and made it hard to walk for weeks. I had to endure this until the skin rejuvenated.

When I do my wet wraps, I also wear a pair of socks and soak them. I know that it helps to keep moisture in.

I am embarrassed when I go to a friend’s house and have to take off my shoes. I know that my feet are going to leave a trail like a bear walking through the snow.

It has just been another part of eczema life that I have had to live with.

Anyone else?

Has anyone else had these same issues with their feet? I cannot get any medical help on this issue. It’s always the same: Use this steroid cream. I have to wear shoes to work, so there is no way I can go shoeless.

Any tips, tricks, or routines are always encouraged.

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