Is Natural Healing Enough?

Last updated: October 2021

Is natural healing enough? It seems to be the hot-button question in the community right now. Is natural healing enough for TSW? After all, the use of topical steroids (or oral, nasal sprays, eye drops, etc.) led us down this path of TSA and now TSW. So naturally, it would make sense that a community so hurt by trusting their doctors would shy away from medications and any pharmaceuticals. But will time and natural remedies alone be our only true healers?

Natural healing doesn't work for everyone

I can’t give you that coveted answer. Trust me, we all want to know if there is one way to truly heal. But in my own experience and having heard stories from many different TSW warriors as well, I can tell you that most of us start on the “all-natural healing” path. However, not all of us will end our journeys that way. How about those who have been going through the withdrawal process for three years? 5, 10, 15 years? What do we tell them? That time alone is the only healer?

The question is "What else?"

I would hope not. I’m 2 ½ years into my healing journey, and I am now at that point of figuring out “What else?” What else can I do to help my body heal? I’m not here to tell you what to do because, honestly, I have no idea! All I can tell you is what I’m considering in the near future. Hopefully, you take this information and do your due diligence and consult your medical team, research many other warriors’ stories, and come to the best conclusion for you.

Seeking medical intervention

I have an appointment scheduled with my GP because my wounds have been in this limbo of sorts. Time and air drying just don’t seem to be enough. A lot of the time, during TSW, your skin looks infected but isn’t. But sometimes, it IS an infection! And when that happens, you need to get it checked out before further damage occurs — finally trusting in medical intervention once again in my TSW journey.

A new light treatment? The next therapy I’m considering (depending on what happens with this delta variant and travel restrictions) is the Ultra Pulse Contact light treatment that, to my knowledge, is only offered at two different clinics around the world. The Skin Solace Clinic in the UK and the Skin Health Centre in Singapore. According to Skin Solace’s site, “Our brilliant technology accelerates natural skin healing, obliterates ‘bad’ skin bacteria, reduces inflammation, encourages collagen production, fades pigmentation, and revitalizes wrinkled/sagging skin.” (More info to come in a future article). Several of my friends with TSW are using this treatment and so far have experienced life-changing results. I hope that I end up having the same experience.Your treatment is up to you!Remember that there is no wrong answer! We are all just trying to figure this out, so whatever treatment you decide to go with - be it immunosuppressants, light therapy, biologics, whatever it is - in the end, you are making the best choice for yourself. You are helping find that coveted answer for future TSW warriors.

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