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A Mani-Pedi with Eczema

Has a friend or family member mentioned the idea of a spa day, or perhaps a spa afternoon? How wonderful would it be to go with your mother, your daughter, or a close friend or two? A day of pampering. Or even just an afternoon spent relaxing while having your skin cared for by professionals. Of course, spending time beforehand to check out the ingredients in case of a reaction due to your allergens is always necessary. Hoping that on appointment day, you don’t have an unexpected flare that might derail the best of plans.

This or That

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A birthday tradition

A few years ago, my daughter started a tradition for her birthday. No matter what else is going on in our world, we always try to make time for this. Three of us, my daughter, her best friend, who has been my bonus daughter for over 30 years, and I get together for manicures and pedicures. Following this, a leisurely lunch. It’s become a time I now wouldn’t miss for anything. We had to skip last year due to the pandemic but felt safe enough to enjoy it again now that we’re all fully vaccinated. It didn’t disappoint.

Thankfully my two girls have beautiful skin, with no worries about what’s in that cream or whether the ingredients in a well-loved lotion have changed.

Taking a chance on a potential flare

The first time we went, I took a chance on it causing a flare. My skin was fairly clear at the time, so I wasn’t overly worried. Thankfully there were no problems. The technicians finish by massaging in cream from toes to knees and fingertips to elbows. I always check before the appointment to see if there have been any changes in the products since my last visit. Wouldn’t it be nice to not need to always be on the alert?

Hiding the evidence of eczema

Many of you probably know that feeling, where you need to spend some time making your problem areas look more “normal,” whatever that is, before letting anyone else see them, even the professionals. I know I spend more time on my feet before I go! It’s like the people who say they need to clean their house before their cleaners arrive.

My facial flare worsened

We go to a small local salon with only four stations, where the COVID-19 cleanliness procedures are impressive. The massage chairs could put me to sleep. But this time I paid for it later. Needing to keep a mask on the whole time exacerbated my facial eczema. It’s still itchy, red, and inflamed. But my nails look wonderful! At least as good as the ravages of atopic dermatitis allow.

Would I ever get a facial?

The restaurant lunch probably added to my facial eczema aggravation. But the time with the girls makes it all worth it. My daughter recently questioned whether I’d feel comfortable enough for the three of us to go for facials together when my facial eczema finally clears up. But I think this would be asking for trouble, even after, or if, this long-lasting flare I’m fighting subsides. I don’t even wear makeup other than a touch of mascara and lipstick.

Have you enjoyed some pampering recently? Do you have any safe pampering ideas to share?

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