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A grouping of natural soothing agents - some aloe leaves, a honey pot, and a cracked coconut.

Must-Have Items for Unexpected Eczema Flare-ups

Surprise itchfests and eczema flare-ups are the worst! It is such a tiring and exhausting feeling of dread and doom when you are out somewhere, in the middle of doing something and or out to eat with friends and you suddenly feel that rising, hot, spreading sensation peeking its head on your skin. It completely takes over your mind and attention and takes everything just to keep you from looking crazy in public. And you know that it’s only going to grow from there unless you scratch it to death or find another way to distract, deflect, and de-escalate the sensation somehow.

Weather, climate, and eczema flare-ups

Well, after solo traveling the South Pacific for a year, I had many moments like this that really took a toll on my immune system and energy level. I had unexpected flares in super hot humid tropical islands as well as super cold, dry and windy urban cities.

Best eczema products for me

I had plenty of chances to test and retest different types of products that would help me bounce back as quickly as possible so that I could become a productive and functional member of society again. These are my tried and true go-to, holy grail must-have items when I have unexpected flares based on the type of environment and the type of flare that I am having.

Relief spray and anti-itch spray

If I am in a hot, humid environment, having flare-ups from eating sugar, lots of carbs, fried food, and I have oozing weeping rashes or rashes or itchiness from sweating a lot, my go-to item is the Relief Spray from my new herbal beauty brand Alabata Beauty which contains aloe juice, tea tree oil and peppermint oil. I love this formula because it is refreshing and all of the ingredients are great for cooling down the body temperature, drying up and soothing swollen hot flare-ups, as well as being antibacterial and antifungal which also helps with avoiding potential secondary infections from open sores and blisters. I also wrote another article on this website for my Stupid Easy Anti-Itch Spray if you are a big DIYer, like myself.

Coconut oil

Another product that I like using for this situation is good old organic extra virgin coconut oil. I think often in an environment, certain plants grow that serve many purposes useful to that environment and if you are in the tropics, it is more likely that there could be the development of bacterial and fungal infections because of all the moisture and heat in the environment, as well as all the sweating that you and all the people around you are doing. So in response to that, this oil is naturally antifungal and contains a natural SPF of 20, which is helpful for those super hot days. If I apply this oil straight on oozing rashes I do find that it helps them to heal and even to dry up a little bit once the oil has fully absorbed into the skin.

Manuka honey

If I am in a cold, dry and windy environment and have rashes that are dry, flaky, or cracked, I really like using products with Manuka honey in them. One good example is the YoRo Naturals Skin Soothing Organic Manuka Honey Cream that you can get on Amazon. This formula is very protective for the skin barrier. The antiseptic and nutritional qualities of the Manuka Honey help to heal cracked skin and moisturize dry skin. I also find that the formula is quite thick, so a little goes a long way and it will help repair the skin on the deeper layers at a much faster rate.

Hope that my lifesavers help save your life, too! Have you ever had to deal with unexpected eczema flare-ups? If so, what did you do and what products help you calm the itch? I would love to hear your comments and tips in the comments below!

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