A woman is crying while squirting lotion on her eczema spots on her legs.

The Try and Cry Method

I’m experiencing a flare on my legs right now. For the past few years, I have been fortunate enough that my legs have been a non-issue for me. Other than hyper-pigmentation, thick elephant skin on some areas, dryness, and light itching here and there, my legs really didn’t flare up at all. Until now. A small lesion started behind my right knee, before my trip to the Eczema Expo, and now I have several small and medium oozing lesions on both of my lower legs.

What caused this flare?

I have been playing detective recently, taking photos of the damage and sniffing out the possible suspects. Stress? Possibly. Environmental? Definitely a possibility. Food? No, can’t be that. I haven’t introduced anything new into my diet for half a year now, and have been eliminating added sugar and just eating healthier in general. Hmm.

How can I heal this flare?

Who can help me solve these crimes and heal these wounds? I looked to eczema and TSW forums on Facebook. Hmm okay, Domeboro and Gold Bond’s Extra Strength Body Powder. I’m going to put my faith in you two. Let’s try this! Oh and let’s throw in some Red Light Therapy just for good measure. Mind you that I’m doing all this while still following the majority of No Moisturizing Treatment.

Are these remedies working?

It’s been less than a week with these remedies, a month and a half with these lesions, and to be honest I’m not sure if I’m noticing any change. But I know not to expect the crazy “healing” or rather “bandage” that topical steroids give. But at the same time, I was hoping for... a visual cue of sorts. Maybe the lesions are healing and I just need to be patient. I just have to try and cry.

What is the "Try and Cry Method"?

The "Try and Cry Method" is something I have been using my entire life. Try something that may or may not work, and then cry either sad or happy tears after. Allow yourself to feel and express every single emotion that you are feeling. It’s going to have to come out somehow, and you don’t need it to come out on your skin.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this story not because my story is unique by any means. You know this. You know this story all too well. How many times have you yourself lived this? Trying so many different remedies, avoiding every possible trigger, propping up different body parts with different objects and in the oddest of angles. I’m telling you this, because after 30+ years of this condition, a lifetime of using oral and topical steroids, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, vegan diet, avoiding all environmental triggers, avoiding all food allergens, showers, baths, the ocean, the pool, the other side of the country, humid weather, dry weather, winter, spring, summer, fall, YOU NAME IT - I still have my severe eczema. They all offered their temporary relief, but not a sustainable cure.

Why do we try and cry?

But I’m not mad. Yet. I’ll get back to you in a week and let you know if it changes! I have been homebound for nearly 2 years now, and I just want you to know that even on days with little to no progress, there is hope.

Never stop fighting, you beautiful warrior. Never stop because it is absolutely worth it. One day you will be free from this skin prison, doing what you absolutely love (singing, dancing, spending time with your family members, hiking, not itching) and for a few glorious moments, you won’t even think of your skin. And those are the moments we’re working towards. That’s why we try and cry. Let me know when you reach that day that shows you that the "Try and Cry Method" was all worth it.

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