How To Make The Most Of Traveling With Eczema

Traveling with eczema has to be one of the most time consuming and precise things I have ever encountered. When I was very sick from TSW I basically had to pack my entire bathroom and own sheets, towels, soap, food, back-up comfortable clothes for any given uncertain day, and the list goes on. My list is slightly less extensive now, but throughout my life and especially now that I live a fully holistic lifestyle some things remain the same.

Bring a personal pillowcase

Even when I had good health and used topical steroids to maintain my eczema flares, I still had very bad allergies and sensitivities, so packing a pillowcase or a t-shirt that I can use to place my face on was and still is a necessity. I never sleep on the pillowcases that I do not know the laundry detergent used. Growing up my family has used one brand of toxin-free household cleaning supplies that we’ve ordered online my entire childhood and I’ve continued its use as an adult. Now there are many brands in stores and much knowledge of the negative effects of some of the top brands out there for cleaning.

Bathing with eczema on vacation

Oftentimes, I even pack a spray bottle to clean the surfaces of a hotel room. If I think I will need to take a bath while there, I clean it first with my personal cleaning supplies. Since we’re talking about baths, let's start to unpack the skincare needs for a vacation. I pack essential oils to add to my baths along with my choice of bath salt. I’ve even taken my own bleach in a travel size container or other natural products to add to my baths.

Eczema skincare on vacation

I always take my own towel and washcloths, due to the same reasoning of having my own pillowcase. My personal soap, shampoo, and every skincare need possible, I take a sample of them all. I easily pack 5 different types of skincare for my face and body just because you never know what your skin may need in a new climate during vacation.

Now that we’ve got the basics, let’s move on to some extras as if there is even room to add anything else. There have been times that I’ve absolutely needed my diffuser in order to fall asleep from lavender oil, so I would pack my diffuser wherever I had to travel. If I have space I often still pack my diffuser!

Eczema diet while traveling

Whatever your routine is for your eating that aids towards eczema control, it is unlikely that your body will like you missing out on the nutrients you usually give it on top of being in an entirely new environment. Because of this I very often pack the basics of my healthy food choices. This is more often when I don’t know the surroundings of where I am traveling to and there is no certainty there will be many healthy options.

A cruise across the Caribbean

I have traveled to many states while having some of my worst eczema periods, but the biggest worry that I had was traveling on a cruise with eczema. At the end of 2019 when my skin was on a consistent healing path I took the chance and went on a cruise across the Caribbean sea. Thankfully these climates have always been favorable for my skin, but the cruise ship room did not have a bathtub, and I was already testing the waters in other areas for this trip so I had deep concern about my options to calm down my skin if needed.

Prepared for traveling with eczema

I traveled with the same precautions I normally would, but all things surprisingly worked out fine. I share this to show that sometimes you have to take a chance and trust that you know what to do if your body reacts a certain way.

Taking traveling “skin-risks”

This trip was the first time I constantly wore sun hats, used sunscreen, and even a sun umbrella, protecting my skin at all times traveling. Thankfully I was at a stage that I could sweat without pain or it causing more itching. One thing that gave me more confidence before traveling like this was testing myself at the beach a few months earlier to see how my skin reacted. It went great, so I took it a step further and went on the cruise!

Preparation and planning go a long way

We do not always have to deny ourselves opportunities due to uncertainty. If we plan accordingly and think ahead of the “what if’s” then we can enjoy ourselves peacefully knowing that we are prepared. I hope to see many of you eczema warriors choosing to travel!

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