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Things to Celebrate in the New Year with Eczema

If you have eczema, you have probably thought that there's hardly any way you could fully participate and celebrate in the festivities because of your skin or the amount of pain that you might be feeling. And if you don't have eczema, but you know someone who does you might assume that they might not want to celebrate anything because of the same reasons. But as someone who's lived with eczema for 30 years, I am here to say that you can definitely have a lot to celebrate regardless of the state of your skin. And this article is here to offer some words of inspiration and positivity to reflect on the many gifts that we have to celebrate no matter what.

Things to celebrate in the new year if you have eczema:

You survived another year of eczema

Surviving another year of eczema. If only we warriors could project the magnitude of pain, emotions, worry, anxiety, and self-consciousness that we experience on a daily basis onto others without it just so that they could fully understand the multitude of things that we have to do just to keep it together, the world would be a much more understanding and compassionate about our struggle. But considering all of that, for us to survive even another day with it is truly miraculous because itching all day and coping with wound recovery and healing pains all day it is a maddening experience.

You know more about what works for you

That you are one year wiser in regards to what does and does not work for your skin. One more year alive is another year of more knowledge and information that you can use to help you improve your life and improve your health. And with the internet and positive health and wellness social media influencers out there, there's more and more knowledge and more and more real people and real patients sharing their struggles and successes.

You have found support

That you have found this community here on and that there are more that you can connect to. More communities and forums that you can search for online. I always recommend checking out Instagram and Twitter and have mentioned in other articles hashtags you can search under to find these amazing and brave people sharing their stories. But any keyword that you would search for in regards to your skin is a worthy hashtag to search online to find others who are in the same boat as you. And that is definitely something to be thankful for and to celebrate.

You have another year to look forward to

That you have another year of learning, growing and healing to look forward to! Life is nothing if not an opportunity to continuously grow, evolve and learn from our mistakes and our wins. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, to search for something new online, to meet someone new, to read something new that can potentially add to our information and make us even more of an expert on ourselves and on living with and healing from eczema truly, fully, and for the long-term, naturally. Every day is an opportunity to learn more about what the truth is out there about eczema and the healthcare system that we live in and how we can improve it.

I hope that you found this article helpful and motivational. What are some things that you would add to this list?

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