Are Other Treatments Out of Reach?

Yesterday I sent an email to my primary carer begging for her help with my atopic dermatitis. Just recently my skin has really started to become unbearably sore and tight. I am really unsure of why this is happening. Normally, this would be down to me eating foods that I know are not good for me or drinking alcohol or whatever. I have not strayed from my clean intake of food and drink. It's not even a chore to eat clean for me as I really enjoy everything I cook for myself. I am not experiencing any acute anxiety or anything. Obviously, I have become anxious now that my skin has taken a turn for the worst but previously I was fine.


Unable to sleep at night

In my email to my doctor, I mentioned that my eczema has totally taken over my life in every way. From eating to sleeping - washing, dressing, moving. I explained that it has always, but more so now, become all-encompassing. I have been going to bed at night around 11:30 pm or thereafter and I have not been able to get one wink of sleep until about 4 am/5 am. It's getting ridiculous. It feels like my eczema is trying to kill me. Anyway, I informed my doctor that I have been engaging as an advocate for and it has been a wonderful thing engaging with like-minded people that are able to truly empathize with this condition.

What about Dupixent?

I went onto explain that there has been a lot of buzz around the drug Dupixent. People in the community have described incredible changes in their skin after using for just three to four weeks. Basically, I begged to be put forward for any future Dupixent programs if any were going ahead. I am so tired of the general treatments that always get prescribed - steroid ointments and the usual array of moisturizers. I did not say this to my doctor but, I feel these treatments are just helping to manage atopic dermatitis but not really addressing the source of the problem.

Hoping for a better treatment solution

As soon as I pinged off the email, my doctor responded within five minutes. I have to say that I am so fortunate to have a brilliant surgery and GP that are always willing to help in any way they can and I didn't even have to leave my front door. So much credit to them! I am very grateful to them. I think that there will be various steps before allowing me to try Dupixent. I understand that is extremely expensive and so the medical profession has to be, understandably, very careful for who they select for any costly treatments.

Straying away from the usual medications

I will be over the moon if I can try any other treatment other than the usual meds. The idea that that there is a possibility of something out there that works amazingly well is so exciting. For some reason, I have a horrible and scary feeling that this new treatment may be a little too far out of reach. Hope I am wrong.

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