How to Prepare for Your Outdoor Adventure

I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors. Unfortunately for me, eczema is often a roadblock when it comes to reveling in everything that nature has to offer. Despite AD’s best efforts to keep me inside, I’ve always managed to have fun while protecting and caring for my skin in a variety of diverse environments. If you want to explore the outdoors without your skin suffering, try following my tips below.

Bring a backpack

Whether I’m going on a hike, camping, or heading to the beach, my backpack is the one item I never forget. It’s not the container but the contents that truly matter to me. At any given time I can find sunscreen, allergy pills, eye drops, moisturizer, bug spray, facial wipes, and my prescription medications inside. It seems like a lot to carry around but I never know what will be needed to counter an allergic reaction or skin problem while I’m on the go. My advice, bring the items that are most important to YOU and your condition.

Using bug spray when you have eczema

There are all sorts of chemicals in bug spray that are great for repelling insects. While this is a wonderful thing, its application doesn’t do much for the health of my skin. I’ve found that applying bug spray directly to my body is often painful and makes my skin condition worse. To get around this, I make sure to do two things: I purchase bug spray in a pump bottle and apply the repellent to my clothes. I won’t lie, this form of application only offers minimal protection, but in the end, it’s better than nothing.


I love water so this tip comes especially easy to me. Not all outdoor activities provide me with an opportunity to swim, but if I can indulge then I do. Not only does water have a calming and relaxing effect on my skin, but diving in gives me a chance to rinse off some of the sweat and allergens that have been accumulating on my body over the course of the day. As with anytime I bathe, I always apply a generous amount of moisturizer when I get out of the water.

Sun protection with eczema

There are two ways I go about this. First and foremost, I always use sunscreen if I’m going to be out in the sun. I’ve had one too many sunburns and know exactly how painful that can be—especially when you add severe eczema to the equation. Secondly, I make sure to wear the right clothing for my outdoor adventure. For example, If I’ll be in direct sunlight I make sure to wear a hat to protect the skin on my face. If I’m hiking, I make sure to wear some lightweight (and long) clothing to keep allergens off my skin. There are many different fabrics you can choose from that provide your body with both protection and comfort—even on the hottest of days.

Environmental eczema protection

Exploring the outdoors can be a lot of fun if you plan properly and make savvy decisions towards protecting your skin from the environment. My suggestions may not be applicable towards every outdoor adventure, but if you take the tips I’ve provided and adapt them to your activity I’m confident you’ll have a great time.

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