It's The Little Things

There are certain times in life when you must appreciate the little things. Lately, doing exactly that has been keeping me afloat with so many life changes - leaving my job, becoming a Pescatarian, moving - and everything else going on.

Life changes

Granted, since leaving my job I've been less stressed. - well, cancel that. Now I live with a different kind of stress. I know that stress only worsens both my Atopic Eczema and my Ulcerative Colitis, so I try to steer clear, but unfortunately, it's not always easy. Unfortunately, the stressors of chronic conditions aren't like certain other stressors that you may be able to ignore or avoid completely. I will always have to deal with these issues.

A full plate Between my two conditions and everyday life, I pretty much have a full plate. Every day doesn't bring a huge surprise or a bunch of people writing letters of appreciation. Every day doesn't bring awards and rewards for simply making it to the next day. Sometimes it's the little things that we have to use to fuel us.AppreciationSometimes we have to appreciate the little things. Even if it is as small as a day without a flare or a night without irritation. We have to be grateful for the little things because big things like a cure don't just come around every day, or often at all.The little things like...Someone complimenting you because your skin looks bright and healthy. Even though with Atopic Dermatitis or Atopic Eczema it may not last long, we might as well appreciate those little moments when they do come around.Taking a bath instead of a shower. Just relaxing and pampering ourselves for a change. Putting ourselves first for once.Buying the very soothing, yet very expensive soap. Sure, you don't know if it will work. You've heard good things, but that's only reviews and who knows if those people have actually tried the product or not? -Doesn't matter. Treat yourself. It's the little things.Seeing personal growthI am so grateful for little things like how far my skin has come. How far I have come. How much my confidence has improved over the years. Then...For a long time, I hid behind layers and long clothes. I didn't want anyone to see my skin or judge me. I worried about what other people thought about me. I was constantly concerned about what people would say if they saw my skin and what they would tell their friends. Or if they even knew someone with skin like my own. - I think I mostly feared people thinking what I had was contagious. I didn't want people to be afraid to be around me. I didn't want people to be afraid to accept a pencil from me or shake my hand.Now...Now I don't even think about that kind of thing. If you don't want to shake my hand you don't have to and if you don't want to take my pencil, that's one more pencil to add to my collection! It's little things like that. Little memories we have to look back on and appreciate where we've been and where we are today.

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