My Romantic Relationship and Dealing with Eczema

Who else is currently in a relationship with a romantic partner? I have been with my partner now for six years. We will be celebrating seven years together this September 2021. This past New Year's 2020, we got engaged in Mexico.

The beginning of eczema and my relationship

As a little girl, I had eczema up to the age of ten. Then I outgrew my eczema and ended up coming back later on in life. When I started to date my partner, I did not have any eczema on my body. During this time, I was a completely different person inside and out. My body was clear of scars, hyperpigmentation, and oozy skin.

Differing opinions on steroid use

Once I started attending university, my skin started to go downhill. During this time, I wasn't living at home, eating well, and taking care of my body. I started to not listen to my body and what was actually happening to it. My partner always worried about me and would always tell me to go to the dermatologist. He always believed in steroids, and using them for a temporary time would be beneficial. When, in fact, I knew what my skin was capable of when it would go on steroids for a short period of time. I know the backlash my skin would do to my body if I used steroids.

A turning point in our relationship

As my skin would flare up, I would also have arguments with my partner about my skin and how to manage it. It wasn't until one day I told him I was refusing to use steroids and explained my reasoning behind it. He disagreed with my decision but also was able to understand me and not question my decision-making. This was a turning point in our relationship because I was able to speak out about my concerns.

Understanding it's my skin to manage

As my skin got infected during this time, I got on Dupixent. At the time, I thought it would benefit me since I was getting infections after infections. My skin was doing well until a few months in my skin started to flare again. I told my partner I would no longer use the medication. He was understanding of my decision at the time. My partner had gotten to the point in which he knew I was going through a tough time. He agreed that I would know what worked best for my skin, and he would be there by my side.

Managing my skin and my relationship

The bottom line is when you are dealing with eczema and a personal relationship, you must learn how to have good communication with your partner. Communication is key for all sorts of relationships. I have learned to express my needs to my partner better to feel at ease with myself and help my skin relax. It is not easy having to manage your eczema and a romantic relationship as well. Yet, it is part of life, and we learn to make things work if we truly want to be with someone.

Don't settle for less

The advice I can give to someone who believes that they won't ever find someone because they have eczema they are WRONG. It takes time and patience to wait for the correct person to come. Don't settle for less because you are feeling alone. There will be people who are going to love you for who you are regardless of your skin condition. If you are currently with someone who judges you because of your skin, they are not the one. Don't stay with someone who is going to make you feel less.

Always remember you are more than just your skin.

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