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I have written several articles about things that have helped with managing my eczema. If anyone has ever read my blogs, they will know I have spoken about food and exercise - creams/ointments, and diversion techniques. These are all valid experiences that I stand by when trying to manage my skin. However, there is always a niggling thought I have when I offer this as advice to others in my everyday life, and that is that I have always taken steroids to manage my asthma. These have often been in the form of tablets and /or inhalers. There are a truckload of side effects that come with taking steroid medication that kind of make the healing process very difficult indeed. Historically I make a few steps forward and three steps back. In my opinion, steroids cause this vicious cycle.

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What has my experience with steroids been?

Since I was a kid I have had to deal with having a fragile immune system. Steroids make you prone to getting infections.1 Problems with my eyes, facial bloating, and many other infections have shaped the way I have become today. In a previous article I wrote for, I even suggested that I wished the doctors I saw in the very early 80s had just held off a bit before deciding to put me on oral steroids to control my asthma. It did great in controlling my asthma but around 1980 according to all reports my eczema went off the charts! Then shortly after my parents were slapping the topical steroid ointments on my skin. Oh if I could turn back time!!

How did I change my eczema treatment?

I know, deep inside, that if I want to get a real grip on my condition and live a much happier life, I need to somehow seriously reduce my steroid intake. I have often consulted with my nurse over this but to cut a massively long story short, I have been off all steroid meds since January. It has been without doubt the best thing I have ever done. My diet is extremely clean and I have been able to exercise more.

Has my body been reacting well to the change?

My skin has cleared and so has my asthma, although I do take my reliever before and after exercise. I have never been able to do this before because my asthma always got to a point where I had to return to taking my preventer inhaler. The real encouraging thought is that I have never before cleared my skin and breathing up in the winter months. This is serious progress people! I am sleeping much better during the night, getting in around 6 or 7 hours. I am checking my peak-flow reading (to measure my lung capacity) most days and it is where it should be. This is like a miracle to me.

DISCLAIMER: This is not advice in any way, shape, or form. As always, this is my experience, and I am very happy to share it with my fellow eczema warriors out there.

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