Supplements and Food That Have Helped My Eczema

Having had eczema for the past 28 years, I have tried every possible thing under the sun that I could get my hands on to relieve my skin. I’ve tried meditation, yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and acupuncture, Reiki, Western herbs, the Elimination Diet, and various other lifestyle adjustments.

Making dietary changes

While all of these modalities are great in their own right, one of the most immediately effective things that I’ve tried is adding supplements to my diet. Because my diet was very poor as a child—primarily consisting of pizza, ice-cream, burgers, candy bars and anything my mom would let me have, which was pretty much anything I wanted at the time—changing my nutritional game made one of the biggest differences in what I now choose to nourish my body and build my skin cells with.

Below are some of my personal favorite supplements, herbs and food for healing my eczema and my reasons why I like them.

Supplements and minerals for eczema

  • Evening Primrose Oil - This supplement always makes my skin feel softer and healthier on a deeper level. I also notice that rashes seem to heal faster.
  • Hemp/Flaxseed Oil - I feel like these supplements also help my skin heal and regenerate on a deeper level and if I have any active flare-ups, I find it to help them cool down as well, temperature-wise.
  • MSM - This is a sulfur derivative and I read that it is a mineral that is often missing from the diet because of all the processing done to food nowadays. It says that it is good for the skin, hair, and nails and I have seen results for all of those things when I am consistent with this supplement.
  • Probiotics - I have found both probiotic supplements and probiotic food like sauerkraut to be very helpful not only in helping me to digest food better, but I do notice that my skin tone is much more even and even feel smoother when I consume this.

Foods for eczema

  • Papaya - This fruit contains natural digestive enzymes and every time I eat it, it does the same thing probiotics do for me, but times 10! Right now, visiting Fiji, papaya is so abundant that I’ve had it nearly every day I’ve been here for breakfast and my skin is so baby soft!
  • Avocado - Since I have dry skin, my skin loves it when I eat this healthy fatty fruit! I notice that if I’m starting to get flakey and I eat half to an entire fruit a day, my skin becomes noticeably more supple and less dry on its own.
  • Bittermelon - Being Filipina, I grew up with this vegetable as a child. My mom taught me that because it’s so bitter, it is a medicinal food, a good detoxifier for the blood. This vegetable while not as sweet, gives me the same effect that papaya does when I eat it regularly.

Hope you have found this article insightful and will try experimenting with at least one of them in your diet! You don’t know until you try!

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