A man rolls up his sleeve proudly, revealing an eczema patch on his arm.

Time to Take Matters Into My Own Hands

I have written several articles bemoaning the fact my primary carers are restricted with the help that they can offer people who suffer from eczema. Of course, I understand that they can help to a certain degree. However, in my experiences, getting onto that next level of help is almost impossible. It can be done and I have tried but, for me, the whole process feels very inauthentic. Like a tick box exercise. It angers me that people who are suffering have to go through this process.

My experience with eczema treatments

Just as a reminder, I have eczema all over my body. I am sleep-deprived, have mood swings, social anxiety, etc. I could go on and I did to my doctor to be told that I did not qualify to see a skin specialist. When I asked why I was informed that I didn’t use enough topical steroids. Do they not think I would use steroids all the time if I thought they helped me???

Desperate to try Dupixent

What I was really hoping for was to try the latest “wonder drug” Dupixent. There have been many who have championed this drug and I was excited by the prospect of trying it. I did my research and read about the possible side effects. What to expect and how long it would take to start working. I was excited to read things like, “The safety profile of dupilumab (Dupixent) is superior to conventional immunosuppressive drugs, such as cyclosporine or methotrexate. Injection-site reactions and conjunctivitis were the most relevant side-effects.”1

Maybe I will never get the chance

I am starting to think that perhaps I will never get the opportunity to try Dupixent because of the costs and the fact that private health care companies won’t take me on because of my existing health conditions. I am sure there must be other avenues I can explore. I have put my name forward for clinical trials and also have an appointment with a skin specialist on the famous Harley Street in London on the 23rd of next month. It is very expensive but I really need to control how my life is going to go. I am hoping the specialist can offer me something other than a tube of Betnovate and a tub of moisturizer. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

What other meds can I ask about?

I am conscious that when I see the skin specialist that he may offer me the same old medications or medications I have not heard of. Does anyone know of any new meds I can ask about? I do not want to feel like I have wasted my time with him. Like I say, it is very expensive and I only get fifteen minutes with him so I need to nail it! I'll make sure to report back how it goes. I'll finish up with a fantastic quote about hope by Leonard Cohen. Reading it gave me pause for thought... "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

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