Those Irritating Irritants

Atopic dermatitis (AD) or atopic eczema can cause the skin to become more sensitive to substances found in the environment. Otherwise known as irritants, these substances can cause an inflammatory response from the body. For those with atopic dermatitis, an inflammatory response might include itchiness, burning, or redness of the skin.

Irritants can range from tree pollen to ingredients in personal care products, cleaning products, and certain foods. Everyone's irritants are unique - what irritates one person might not irritate another. Often time, irritants can be difficult to track and avoid. It’s no wonder that irritants can be pretty irritating!

Let’s take a look at some common irritants, along with the frustrations and suggestions that were mentioned among the atopic dermatitis community.

Weather related irritants

This weekend, we came to a conclusion that the pollen is the biggest issue!

Can't enjoy outside or an open window. In the winter, I'm fabulous. When it rains - wonderful. But from April till November, I'm miserable. I have tried everything.

I'm starting to think heat causes my flare ups.

Dust and heat flares me up.

Heat breaks me out, or going from cool temps to warm or hot.

Every spring, the sun breaks my arms out, itching, whelping.

Personal care products

Actually all the crap they put in personal care products is what does it. Research some of the ingredients in lotions, body wash, shampoo, conditioners, laundry detergent, etc... THEN you just might find out that eliminating all of those can actually fix the issue!

I use CeraVe for lotion and Cetaphil for soap. I use free and clear shampoo and conditioner, and their shave cream. I have to be careful though what I get into.

My granddaughter has this, it's like everything we put on her skin and head, it burns.

I recently was diagnosed with this. I use All laundry detergent no softeners. Dove sensitive bath soap. No perfumes.

Too much moisture is bad, so I make sure my feet are dry after bathing then put coconut oil on. Lotions help or are triggering so I switched to coconut oil.

I do have to use lotion A LOT and have to make sure it is not scented.

Household cleaning products

I have this on my hands. When I wash dishes without gloves or come in contact with any type of cleaner even for a few seconds, my hands break out in extremely itchy blisters, become cracked and bleed and it’s absolutely horrible.

I have switched my detergents, house cleaners, soaps and lotions to more eco friendly products.

Ingredients in food

All my health conditions are because of chemicals in products and food, it’s hard to recommend a brand, but the best start was to quit all non-organic or at least eat natural products or food.

This can also be allergic reactions to gluten in foods, my grandson has this.

Pretty much…everything?

Winter, stress, laundry soap, soaps in general, perfumes, allergies all contribute.

Weather, stress, allergies, sweating, perfumes, friction, etc. I even get it on my scalp, which means I can’t use one hair product for too long without issues. I have one chapstick I can use without issue.

My poor girl, everything irritates her skin.

How do your irritants measure up? Share about your irritants in the comments below!

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