My Eczema Is Very Uncomfortable

My chronic condition is painful both physically and emotionally and its very unpredictable. Sharing my pain to others is not always easy as I am not fond of focusing on the negative it has left on my life. However, there is healing in sharing. I have learned to cope with it along the way. I refer to my resources that I lean on when I need assistance and support.

How do I manage my eczema flares?

On the days when I have active flares or rashes and other days I do not. For the days I do, it feels like my body is on fire and have a lot of itching. Once I start scratching cycle, it feels awful. I take precaution by either staying home to avoid infection. Or if the flare is minor, then I apply medication and topicals and cover up with special clothing that is soft on my skin. My priority is to minimize risk of getting an infection which then increases the pain and swelling. I also make sure to keep temperature regulated so I do not start itching. When my body is in pain, I apply my personal medications, topicals and additional supplies to be proactive. I like to listen to my favorite music or read a book to keep me distracted from itching and make the uncomfortable more comfortable.

How do flares impact my life?

Sometimes when active physical symptoms that appear, it can be crushing as it can cause my plans with friends and loved ones to be cancelled. It is a bummer to deal with rashes that appear in spots like my neck and face. It can be embarrassing when I have swelling and puffiness and it can be tiresome to explain when some spots are various colors. I can only use so many clothes and makeup to cover the parts that I cannot control. This can also lead to stress which exacerbates my symptoms. I like to grab a book to read. Or I will also call friends or family or better yet, visit with them to spend time with loved ones.

Can I always expect it?

Sometimes, I experience unpredictability. One can never time an eczema flare, as it just has a mind of its own. It can affect me in the morning or in the evening. I have times when I am exposed to an allergen or external factor and then I could end up with a severe rash. I could also end up in the urgent care or provider’s office. I never know how long its going to last. Eczema is very random and can impact all items in my life schedule. Thus, I have learned to just embrace it.

What have I learned?

Overall, my eczema walk is messy as I have the physical and emotional symptoms and it is very unpredictable. While I do not like it, I have learned to accept it. I have learned from others in this community who share their feedback and experiences by reading online resources like Overall, I understand the importance of sharing my experience too.

What are the ways you find that work for you when Eczema becomes out of control? When you deal with physical pain or emotional pain from the symptoms, what are things that help? Do you have people or support around you?

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