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To Steroid OR Not To Steroid?

How many times have you read an article, listened to a webinar, or seen an ad on social media that you were immediately hooked into because the formula worked for so many people?

The "eczema cures" that didn't work for me

I remember reading the book, “The Medical Medium,” and being upset that drinking celery juice aggravated my digestion when the author swore that it was the magic elixir, as well as “The Eczema Diet” book, concurring it was the same healing remedy for eczema sufferers. Not for me. I remember thinking there must be something wrong with me if it didn’t work for me. Does this sound familiar?

Does manifesting work for our skin?

This road has led me to understand how cautious we might be when looking at other’s experiences as our own. Have you ever found yourself convinced with such conviction about something you wanted to work so badly though it didn’t, and yet you continued with it anyway because you wanted the same result for yourself? You wanted more than anything to believe, finally, there might be a solution! When we find ourselves in that position, it is very easy to go against one’s true nature and avoid the pain of having to face a false reality.

Should we use topical steroids?

I witness a lot of people share their eczema experience both using and not using steroids. The trial and error of unsuccessful protocols can leave us in desperation. This can easily lead to the dilemma of whether to use steroids, not to mention the fear and struggles of topical steroid withdrawal (TSW).

I was scared to use topical steroids

To give this context, during my darkest days, I wanted to believe that I could go it without steroids as I looked at both the grueling and triumphant photos and posts of people going through TSW. At times, this was enough to scare me into never using them, having had my own dire experience while weaning off many years ago.

Not using steroids didn't work for me

Though this condition can leave us so vulnerable and impressionable, sometimes in despair, it can be seductive to look to photos and stories as the gospel. My life continued to suffer immensely by refusing them, leaving me in deep turmoil. While we are fortunate to have external ideas and opportunities to educate ourselves about the variety of rituals to live day-to-day, it is imperative to remind ourselves that every BODY needs a different recipe to care for itself, because we each respond differently. Most importantly, everyBODY has the freedom to choose what will serve them best to live with a better quality of life.

Two hospitalizations

As much as I wanted my own victory without using steroids, all the wishing in the world didn’t create it. I was in so much pain from the inflammation, adamant about the negative meaning I had attached to them. I resisted and refused, landing in the hospital twice with a blood infection from scratching so badly. Even then, cemented in my beliefs, I still would not use steroids. I was quickly sobered when my loving and compassionate partner asked me if I would rather die with my belief or have a quality of life?

Making a decision for me

These choices are not easy, especially when the constant fear is loaded with all the what if’s. In the past, fear and anxiety had always been stronger than the choice to love and honor myself. I learned that when we do the same thing we get the same result. After years of torturing myself, I chose to not suffer anymore and to have a new quality of life. Equally as important, I chose to create a new relationship with steroids. I reframed my thinking and gave them new meaning, GRATITUDE for the life they were gifting me. I had to let go of everyone else’s photos and choices and trust my own.

What am I doing now?

While I had been taking oral steroids for the past two years, I recently chose to wean off of them and have a new experience with myself in the process. My eczema has been one of my greatest teachers, inviting me to continuously choose what is best for ME.

#honorYOURtruth. #freedomtoCHOOSE

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