The process of wet wrapping is shown with a shower head, gauze wrapping around a hand with eczema, cream, and a clock.

Wet Wrap Therapy Helped Me Heal After TSW

Wet wrap therapy helps your body to lock in the prescription ointment and moisturizer into your skin.  It helps your body absorb and rehydrate your skin and help topical medications work better.

I have been told by dermatologists in the past to do wet wrap therapy and they have given me info sheets on how to do it, but it all seemed too hard. So I never knew how beneficial it can be.

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Eczema can be more serious than just a rash

I have suffered from eczema my entire life, but the last 5 years have been difficult with red skin syndrome. It was not until I tried TSW (topical steroid withdrawal) for 12 days and I was in very bad shape that I wound up in the emergency room with a 7-day hospital stay.

A wet wrap instruction guide

The instructions given in the info sheet to do the wet wraps are to use clean dressing or gauze from a roll for the wet layer, and pajamas or a sweatsuit on top as a dry layer. If the eczema is on the feet or hands, you can use cotton gloves or socks for the wet layer with vinyl gloves as the dry layer.

A lengthy and hard process

To do wet wrap therapy, first, moisten the dressing or gauze in warm water until they are slightly damp. Next, wrap the moist dressing around the affected area. They say to leave the wet wraps on for several hours or overnight which can be very uncomfortable. So from what I read it all sounded too hard!

Routine wet wraps in the hospital

While I was in hospital I had to do two wet wraps per day. I would take a shower, cover myself head to toe in prescription Tricortone ointment. The nurse would come in with extremely hot wet towels to cover my body. They would have a clear plastic sheet on the bed and I would lie on the wet towels, they would cover me with the wet towels and then put the plastic wraps over top to keep in the moisture.  It was a great opportunity to get me in a good routine to keep it going.

Continuing wet wrap therapy

When I was discharged and told to continue doing wet wraps from home I was unsure of how to continue this routine. I was given some plastic sheets from the hospital. I had some long johns or thermal long sleeve tops and bottoms that I figured would work best for the wet wraps. So I would soak the clothing in very hot water, ring it out and lie on my bed on top of and beneath the plastic sheets for 25 to 30 minutes.

How I keep comfortable with wet wraps

I usually watch Netflix and it makes the time go by fast. I now also have an electric blanket to keep me nice and toasty warm. I find it very comfortable.

Wet wrap therapy has worked for my eczema

I have been doing wet wraps now every night before bed for 6 months; and it has worked great for me.  My skin is so much better. I am less itchy now when I go to bed. I get a better night’s sleep which I have been missing out on for years. I now have white skin! I feel less stressed and more positive about myself. I really enjoy my routine.

I would recommend wet wrap therapy to anyone who has ongoing eczema symptoms and find they cannot control it. Get into a routine, like brushing your teeth. Take care of yourself and your skin.

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