Does Opening Up About Eczema Help?

We know that it’s hard to open up about eczema and find the courage to start talking about our skin. Who wants to spend the time and energy focusing on expressing how we feel when we're living it every day? Our advocate team does, just for you!

The Editorial Team at wanted to ask our advocates if writing about their experiences with eczema has helped them and this is what they said:

I feel more confident because I talk about eczema

Cora Lyn: Yes, it's given me a bit more confidence. I realized this when I wore a short-sleeved shirt and actually took off my jacket without worrying about the look of my arms. I think it's normalized it. Or perhaps that's also from reading other advocate's stories. Also just the fact that people who don't know me are interested in something I wrote is a huge boost to the ego!

I have been more accepting of myself

Peter: Yes it has. It has liberated me to be more accepting of myself, to be proud, to feel like I'm a person who can make a difference. There are people who feel like how I did and it pains me to see that when now I have the courage and platform to share my story.

I have been able to connect with the eczema community

Ashley: Opening up about my eczema has TRANSFORMED my life. It has given me the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, share tips and stories, and build such a strong community. Most importantly to me, sharing my story has made me feel comfortable in my own skin. I am no longer hiding from the rest of the world, literally and metaphorically.

My family is proud of me for opening up

Karen: Writing about Jill's has actually been very therapeutic for me. I never realized how much emotion was lingering in my heart, mind, and body from caring for her when she was young. I broke down and cried a few times, remembering how scared and tired we all were. At first, I felt guilty for exposing her, and then we talked about my first post. She was actually proud of all the love that had been poured into her life. She still reads my posts, and at some point, may be willing to talk about her own experience.

I have been able to help others

Harrison: Eczema has transformed my life. As a teenager in 2013 who discovered the power of food, it led me to write an effective blog, it caused me to choose nutrition as a college degree, and today I'm building a healthcare social enterprise based in Hong Kong to support the local eczema community. I learned to meet like-minded people to share and create the dream of helping others.

I've been able to embrace myself and others

Jude: Absolutely! It helps me embrace my body as well as my relationship to myself and to other people who struggle with any chronic condition. It is also given me an opportunity to practice mindful self-compassion and, that we all share a common humanity can your own versions of suffering. Again, allowing for connection and belonging, which is what I think ultimately, we all want to feel.

I've been able to be my true self

Linette: Yes, because, finally, everything that I’ve been working so hard to hide for nearly all my life is coming out. This huge release of emotions is finally allowing me to be my true self, and therefore, allowing so many others around the world be themselves too. You being your true self and sharing your truth will probably be the most important work of your life.

I'm proud to share my experiences

Jeff: Yes, it has. Writing about and discussing my condition has been a very cathartic experience. It leaves me with a sense of pride knowing that I’m able to help and educate folks across the world through my experiences.

I don't have to feel insecure

Raelle: Tremendously. I feel like I have nothing that I am constantly on edge of patricianly insecure about trying to actively hide whenever I'm in public. It is a weight off of my shoulders that I can focus solely on healing and taking care of myself and helping others.

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