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What do you tell yourself when you get a small irritation on skin after it just cleared?

Just curious what you all tell yourself when things are going pretty well (my face has finally healed 90% after several months of being absolutely horrid) and now I have a small irritated patch. Not the same irritation as all those months, something minor compared to that. But still! It’s messing with my mind!

Community Answers
  • Sarah Wallin moderator
    2 days ago

    Hi @linetteroungchun, great question! One frustrating aspect of eczema that we hear over and over again is how unpredictable it can be. It can feel defeating and disappointing to have a small irritated patch again after skin has cleared. I’m sharing with you an article by @shawnbethea, 3 Things to Stop Doing Immediately: She touches on the impact of negative/judgemental thoughts toward ourselves when things (like our skin) don’t go our way. If you get a chance to read, I would be glad to hear what you think! -Sarah ( Team Member)

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