What can I use for eczema in my ears?

I have had problems with my ears since my late teen years which is over 30 years ago. Read my full story here.

My ears continue to have intense itching and build up and now it seems to go straight for my ear drum making my hearing muffled and eventually completely blocked. I have learned that I can go the family physician to have them irrigated to save on cost IF there is no infection. I just use an antibiotic ear drop for a couple of days to prevent infection. I know eczema is not curable but I want to find something that minimizes the itching and build up.

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  • Sarah Wallin moderator
    2 months ago

    Hi bakerdrummer30,

    Your case of ear eczema sounds incredibly frustrating. I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with intense itching and build up. Have you been able to ask your doctor about solutions other than irrigating that might help minimize your symptoms?

    I wanted to share with you this forum about Ear Eczema: https://atopicdermatitis.net/topic/ear-eczema/. There’s some community discussion about experiences with ear symptoms that you may be able to relate to. I hope that you find this helpful.

    Anyway, we’re glad that you’ve come to the community for answers! I’m hoping others in the community will chime in with their experience here.

    Wishing you relief,
    Sarah (AtopicDermatitis.net Team Member)

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