60+ Years of Eczema Since Childhood

I had eczema since the age of five when I entered first grade. I may have had it earlier but it's an early memory. Then, it was mainly on the creases of my elbows and forearms. My mom would apply calamine lotion (this was 1961 or so) and my arms would be wrapped like "the mummy".

I was questioned about it but my teacher was a kindly old nun and she watched over me. I went to that school for 6-7 weeks and we moved and the stress of changing schools did not help but my eczema cleared up.

Teen years

It showed itself again when I was a pre-teen and teen this time on my ankles. It was the itch that rashes because my mom, telling me "don't scratch" Wound up being an unfulfilled request. Episodes would die down but reappear. The doctor would prescribe oral prednisone or coticosteroids. This started again in college and likewise more prednisone.

Sinus issues and asthma

In the early 1980's it was a sinus infection and eventually the sinuses had chronic issues with damaged tissue. An operation removed diseased tissue and brought relief. Asthma soon followed in the late 1990s. Things stayed "normal".

By 2017 some trigger event led me down a bad path. The eczema is under control - but I wonder how I can overcome the disease entirely?

How has eczema impacted your life?

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