Coal Tar for Eczema

Last updated: June 2021

I suffered with eczema from age 2 to 4... Then from age 12 to age 26 on my hands... called hand eczema/atopic dermatitis/dyshidrotic eczema.

The best medicine for me was...

A mixture of triamcinolone, coal tar, and petroleum jelly. Applied at bedtime and covered hands with cotton socks or cotton gloves. EXCELLENT.

This was prescribed for me by THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN DERMATOLOGY CLINIC in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Many coal tar options

There is also...

#1 Over-the-counter COAL TAR cream... they are usually not in stock, but any pharmacist can order a tube.

#2 There are COAL TAR BATHS... one brand name years ago and may still be on the market is BALNETAR. A healing anti-itch bath.

#3 There is COAL TAR BATH/HAND SOAP (bar soap)... purchased at health food stores... one brand is GRANDPA'S PINE TAR SOAP

#4 Coal tar shampoo.... Tegrin is one brand name

Hope this helps. I know how awful it is to live and suffer with ECZEMA!

Share your experiences or questions with me.

What treatments have you tried for eczema?

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