Clear Skin from Dupixent

I only developed atopic dermatitis four years ago. It was a terrible experience. I went to the dermatologist as 80% of my body was affected. I tried so many different treatments you name it - steroid drugs, light treatment, etc but nothing worked for me.

I was at an all-time low and felt like I could not continue like this 24 hours a day just full of irritation and pain. I was also embarrassed to face the outside world.

Dupixent changed my life

Then finally I got put on Dupixent and it changed my life. Only one injection every two weeks and now my condition has totally cleared up. My skin is totally clear now. I still suffer from small irritation, especially in warm weather but this medication has changed my life.

I would recommend it to anyone but of course, I know it won't work for everyone.

Tell us about your eczema treatment journey.

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