Good Problems Part II

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Essential things that I used everyday and taken for granted, most of my family in the Philippines have never experienced. Here I was surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in the world and tourist spot for most people, but to the people living here, could not even have access to the most simplest things, like hot running water, a bed or a blanket to keep them warm on a cold night, to sum it up this vacation trip starting out as a horrible experience.

I needed to find myself

Yet as I looked around me I noticed even in such poverty the people around me were so happy. Such carefree attitudes, warm outgoing personalities, each laugh and smile seemed to come from their soul. That struck a cord with me and I realized, I felt ashamed, here I am bitter about my outward appearance, I forgot what was important. Before I knew it my trip was done on that plane ride back, I realized I needed to find myself and what that experience meant, I went on a journey of change, of self discovery and reflection.

Beyond what I see in the mirror

To find my true identity again, one not limited to what I see in the mirror but to find the soul inside. I wanted to be a positive force in the people I encountered, I started to laugh and smile, to be infectious to the people around me, by doing this I found my purpose, my happiness. This lead me to be what I am today, I wanted to be a positive change for people inside and out and I became a professional trainer. Most people in my line of work outwardly have what society considers to be beautiful, for someone like me covered with the scars of my battle with eczema was not what society considers to be beautiful. I am not what you would consider to be the first choice as a trainer. I love my scars and they are who I am. To my surprise, people do not even notice I have them, people are not appalled by my appearance. Everyday I am amazed at how many people come to my classes every week, and their comments blow me away. I am blessed and amazed everyday.

Where I am now

Today I have a successful career in fitness, I get to do what I love and I can take my experiences and influence people in a positive way. I have a better understanding in managing my eczema, and with lifestyle choices and medical advancements I have better looking skin. By accepting who I am, I found myself, my eczema is my personal coach. I will never get everything I want, but like a good coach my eczema is screaming at me to push harder then anyone else, and for that I want to thank my eczema for this journey.

Has eczema helped you learn something about yourself?

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