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Trying Gabapentin for Painful Itchy Skin

Two years ago, at age 78, my legs began to get a rash and it hurt like crazy. I'd just become a Florida resident and neighbors told me it was Florida no-see-um bugs.

The rash spread. At times I was in agony, scratching and bloody.

Reaching a low point with no answers

Six dermatologists and allergists later, no creams, pills, lotions, or patch testing provided answers. I was almost suicidal.

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My partner, a retired neurologist, thought of a simple pill that he'd prescribed to his MS and other neurologic patients who didn't itch but had terrifying pain. His theory: pain and itch are closely related.

So far, so good. I am 75% itch-free, can sleep through the night and my lesions are fading. I hate to say it's a miracle, in case gabapentin becomes ineffective, but so far I'm beyond thrilled.

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