I Can’t Live This Itchy Life

I’m 33 now, but the eczema in my ear canal began 3 years ago when I was working in a nightclub. I assume it was the stress of working over night and the excessive drinking that kicked it all off. But since then, it’s never stopped.

Vicious ear eczema

In the beginning, I assumed it was just excess wax and would take drastic measures like taking the cap of a pen and scrape off the dry skin in my ear canal. It would bleed, and weep a weird brown liquid. (Gross, I know) The itching is nearly unbearable and this viscous cycle has continued.

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Doctor after doctor

I have gone to doctor after doctor and they all say the same thing. That I didn’t have any wax in my ear and this was in my head. OR they give me vinegar drops bc I have a simple case of swimmers ear. This does provides some relief but honestly it’s not better. I’ve noticed that sugary foods or alcohol exacerbates the problem. When I wake up in the morning my ear canal feels almost wet. (Why!?)


It’s now been years and as I sit on my couch itching my ear and try to scrape off the skin- I know someone has to have a better solution!

I read a few testimonials about the olive oil which I’ll definitely try. But is there anything else?

Thanks in advance.

What is your most frustrating eczema symptom?

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