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I Can’t Live This Itchy Life

I’m 33 now, but the eczema in my ear canal began 3 years ago when I was working in a nightclub. I assume it was the stress of working over night and the excessive drinking that kicked it all off. But since then, it’s never stopped.

Vicious ear eczema

In the beginning, I assumed it was just excess wax and would take drastic measures like taking the cap of a pen and scrape off the dry skin in my ear canal. It would bleed, and weep a weird brown liquid. (Gross, I know) The itching is nearly unbearable and this viscous cycle has continued.

Doctor after doctor

I have gone to doctor after doctor and they all say the same thing. That I didn’t have any wax in my ear and this was in my head. OR they give me vinegar drops bc I have a simple case of swimmers ear. This does provides some relief but honestly it’s not better. I’ve noticed that sugary foods or alcohol exacerbates the problem. When I wake up in the morning my ear canal feels almost wet. (Why!?)


It’s now been years and as I sit on my couch itching my ear and try to scrape off the skin- I know someone has to have a better solution!

I read a few testimonials about the olive oil which I’ll definitely try. But is there anything else?

Thanks in advance.

What is your most frustrating eczema symptom?

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  • Linette Roungchun moderator
    5 months ago

    @emily have you found relief hun? I’m curious if maybe i’s connected to Candida? No idea but just taking a guess. Also, your ears being more wet upon waking- sounds about right as our bodies excrete through the night. Not sure what could possibly help with that since it’s a normal bodily function…

    Wow I really hate that you are experiencing this and am super curious if you have found a solution or any relief of sorts! Please let us know.

    -Linette( Moderator)

  • EthelD
    5 months ago

    For ear eczema have used about everything there are over two years is to relieve very itchy eczema on my outer ears. Steroids can work but are not advised for long term use and give me side effects anyway. but Foderma Serum worked on the first day! This is great, sometimes you just have to keep looking

  • Sarah Wallin moderator
    5 months ago

    @etheld, I’m glad to hear you finally found Foderma Serum which gives you relief. It is such a frustrating process trying new products, especially when you’re itchy and uncomfortable. Thank you for sharing about it here! -Sarah ( Team Member)

  • CarolAnn
    6 months ago

    Emily, Oh my goodness! I don’t believe what you wrote! YES! I have had the same problem & NO one can seem to DX it! But I have….YEAST. I am allergic to yeast….I love Sweets….I have been on Prednisone and Antibiotics a hundred times….I get water in my ears when I shower…all can grow yeast. Dark moist places like the ear canal are the perfect breeding ground. I know it’s NOT an infection because I have no earache at all and many cultures for bacteria have been negative. Yet, my ears flake inside & have an awful odor….yeast has an odor. Sometimes they also have a discharge, especially first thing after waking up in the morning.
    For the past week I went online and found an antifungal ear drop that I pray helps. I literally went store to store TODAY to try and find it, but no luck. CVS is where I found it online and I just ordered it. I know you can also have a doctor write a prescription for them.
    The docs just shake their head…..however, I remembered that in 2000, I had a lady do the ear candle wicking on me and she showed all the white stuff that came out…..& said it was yeast. After she did that, it went away for awhile. Then when I took Diflucan for yeast, it cleared up… 1+1 makes 2.
    I’m not going to say YOURS is definitely yeast, but you might ask your doctor & see what he thinks. Wouldn’t hurt.
    I hope we both find relief SOON.
    Take care!

  • Emily author
    6 months ago

    Carol! Thank you for the reply.
    I’m literally fresh out of the shower where I tried AGAIN to keep my ear canal clean and apply the vinegar drops. But I think you’re onto something!! I’m going to try this ASAP!!! I recently found out I’m allergic to gluten and stopping the bread/sweets have heaped a bit. So I think you might be right. Carol, you might be a life saver!!!! I’m going to report back, and please you do the same. Thank you for reaching out, you have no idea the hope this gives me.

  • Linette Roungchun moderator
    5 months ago

    oh my goodness I hope this is your answer!!
    Go Carol for sharing your knowledge!

    -Linette( Moderator)

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