Neem Leaves for Atopic Dermatitis

I have been struggling with atopic dermatitis for more than five years. All those flares on my neck, hand, and legs kept coming back even with steroid treatment. Itching bleeding boils made me socially very uncomfortable. Homeopathy also was not helpful.

Vegetarian diet and neem leaves

Suddenly one day all the flares started going away. That's because I started eating baby neem leaves on an empty stomach. Just for five days, and all my flares started going away even without any medicine. I turned to a vegetarian diet also in this year. Neem leaves could do wonders for your health. It will be very bitter that you may not like but it can kill all your worms.

Our diet mostly has salt and sugar but it should have all six tastes in our diet, in which bitterness can kill the worms in our stomachs.

Hope this might help someone.

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