Topical Steroid Withdrawal…

Hi everyone, About 8 years ago, I began TSW. Initially, I did not realize what was happening as I had small patches of eczema on my hands and eyes. It began by spreading on the backs of my hands, up my arms, then feet, legs and back.

Searching for things to help

I searched for ways to alleviate the pain, many, many noninvasive methods. That lasted about a year. Then it spread to my face…ugh! I wore long pants, socks, long-sleeve tops, and gloves that covered the eczema. I could only wear cotton. Someone mentioned seeing a naturopathic physician, and I did. She helped tremendously!

Starting to heal

I finally began to heal about 2 years later. That was 6 years ago. I still live with eczema in between my toes on my feet. It comes and goes.
I do hope that those of you going through this get relief. My relief came from taking oatmeal baths mostly. And using zinc ointment and bandages helped too. Take care.

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