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Trying Something New

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with eczema about 2 years ago. My derm gave me one expensive cream/ointment after another and no relief. I no longer would wear capris or shorts, and tried to hide my ankle. I found Aveeno baby eczema cream to work a little. Then someone told me to try drinking Kombucha. I had never heard of it and thought, really some weird fermented tea? Well, about 6 months ago I said let's try this drink.

Anything but that annoying itch

I have to say, the itch has gotten so much better, almost gone and the large red scaly patch on my ankle is almost gone. I drink about 4 to 5 ounces a day. It's not so bad once you start drinking it, and after about a week of drinking it, you begin to see a tad difference. While it might not work for everyone, it's worth a try. Anything but that annoying itch, followed by a stinging pain then scaly skin. Good luck.

-Jo-Anne Z

What eczema remedies have you tried? Did you have success or failure?

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