Why am I so itchy?

I am hoping someone can help! The last few weeks I have been dealing with incredibly itchy skin and I am at my wit’s end!

I have had bouts of seborrheic dermatitis in the past, during times of intense stress, but this feels different. My scalp is itchy and is not responding to my special shampoo… my arms and legs are itchy and irritated… my entire skin feels prickly and incensed. The good news is that it is not actively inflamed and red but the constant itch is incredibly frustrating.

The itch is made worse by hot water so showers are no fun and lotion hasn’t helped either. I’ve been taking my allergy meds but they don’t seem to have an effect either.

I’ve finally made an appointment with a dermatologist and will get some answers tomorrow so I’ll keep you all posted. If you have any advice on the types of questions I should ask or specifics I should share, I am all ears!

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3 comments on “Why am I so itchy?

  1. Stefanie Bord moderator says:

    Hi, Susan!

    I’m wondering if you’ve gotten any answers from your doctor yet? This sounds like it was a very frustrating time for you. Trying lots of different solutions that normally work and not getting the expected response of relief is a terrible thing to go through!

    If you were still looking for questions to ask or specifics to share with your doctor, my doctor was curious as to what exactly my rashes looked like (by the time he had an appointment available, some of my symptoms had finally subsided). Your doctor will probably want to know for how long you’ve had the symptoms and if you’ve had any relief from anything specific. Sometimes those types of clues can help them figure out what they’re dealing with.

    Hot showers are one of my absolute favorite things….and one of the worst for my skin…and sometimes make me painfully itchy when I’m going through a bad flare up (like now as the weather is cooling off and all I can think of is how nice a hot shower would be!). So I definitely feel your pain here!

    I hope you’ve gotten some answers by now! Please keep us posted as answers your doc gave to you might help someone else here as well! Hope all is well!

    Stefanie (AtopicDermatitis.net Team Member)

  2. susan.mees moderator author says:

    Thanks Stefanie! My doctor was able to see the irritation in my skin thankfully. She said there’s a chance it’s psoriasis but she thinks it’s more likely that it’s eczema (no specifics). She prescribed me some cream that has helped! Ironically my husband is itchy now so we’ll see what they say – hoping it’s not an environmental thing!

  3. Stefanie Bord moderator says:

    Hi, Susan!

    You are so welcome! I’m glad the doctor was able to see the irritation. Sometimes it’s hard to get in to see someone in a timely fashion when they are all booked up with appointments! I’m glad the cream has helped! It is so frustrating when you don’t know what the cause is, and now with your husband being itchy too…I hope that you can figure things out! My husband used to accuse me of giving him eczema and I had to remind him over and over that eczema is NOT a contagious disease! At least if it’s an environmental thing, you can hopefully identify it and be done with it…

    …In any case, I hope things keep improving and you find out for sure what’s going on! Best of luck to you!

    Stefanie (AtopicDermatitis.net Team Member)

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