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  • I suffered from eczema in my childhood well up to my adult life here are some steps I have taken that helped me eradicate eczema along with my associated symptoms like asthma. 1) Drinking loads of water and maintaining weight. 2) Consume fresh fruits and vegetables, at least 1 bowl per day. 3) Consume avocado and capsules containing omega3 fatty acids everyday (for vegans try this :- in a fry pan roast groundnuts, flaxseeds, melon/pumpkin/sunflower seeds, almonds and sesame seeds. Once cool grind it the mixture coarsely. Add Jaggery and a teaspoon of clarified butter also called as Ghee into this mixture. Make into balls and consume everyday) 4) Cook vegetables with mustard seeds and make curry using turmeric. 5) Yoga will not help Jesus Christ will 6) In times of extreme itch, take ground oats mix in milk in a steel tumbler. Place water to boil and place the steel tumbler into the hot water bath keep stirring and adding milk to reach a creamy consistency, when the mix is light warm, apply on the affected area and leave to dry. Don't use soap or body washes 7) Drink chamomile tea after bath and apply calendula cream on the affected area immediately after bath. If using soap is absolutely necessary pour a capful of oilatum body wash in your lukewarm water and scrub very lightly 8) Wash your body at least twice a day ditch the steroids and antibiotics. Stop consuming milk it is a major irritant of the digestive system 9) Other extremely effective moisturizers are aveeno moisturizing lotion, liquid paraffin oil and coconut oil mixed with olive oil 10) To eliminate discoloration at least thrice a day perform abhigyaan which is hot or warm oil massage of whole body. In a bowl containing warm sesame oil, coconut oil and almond oil add 3 to 4 tsps of lemon juice and apply on body Eliminate stress, exercise, love your body, believe in yourselves and PRAY, these remedies work. Trust me just do these for a month and you will see the difference

    Back in January of this year, I had started a clinical trial for severe atopic dermatitis. With the guidance of my dermatologist at the time, I chose an oral JAK1 inhibitor open-label clinical trial. Open-label means that I am guaranteed the drug(for the first 12 weeks.) . Because I was in such bad condition, my derm wanted me to be on this open label clinical trial. She had suggested an injectable before, but because I had bad side effects from dupixent two years prior, I decided against it. So two pills taken orally once a day, it was! Long story short, I saw major progress within not even 7 days of taking the medication. But as I’ve had to learn my entire life- the rapid nature of a drug does not beget it’s effectiveness. Though it was exciting to feel that my itchiness had disappeared about 95% and my flakiness was nearly non-existent, I was still cautiously optimistic. Week after week went by and I noticed areas where I used to apply topical steroids were getting worse and worse. I’m unsure if it was due to TSW and no matter how effective a drug is, if it could ever take away TSW symptoms. Other than those issues, problem areas on my arms(I never applied steroids there) were completed clear. 12 weeks came, and I was considered a non-responder. So I stopped the drug cold-turkey(as I was instructed) and the worst withdrawal I had ever gone through(besides TSW) began within days of stopping the drug. Just the thought of the symptoms of withdrawal give me pause and PTSD, everything was oozing and crusting everywhere, and my itchiness was on another level entirely. Patches started showing up everywhere, even areas of my skin that have been “clear” for years. I realize now that my condition was so bad, I should have been hospitalized. But the fear of them using steroids on me again kept me at home, hoping against hope that I would be okay. Anyways, I’m describing my experience in hopes that someone who is going through the same thing sees this. I also hope that maybe someone out there has some answers as to what happened to me afterwards, because I have no idea, and who even knew that withdrawal from a biologic could be that bad? I guess none of us really know since biologics are so brand new! Thank you again for everyone who read this. I hope this does not discourage you in trying clinical trials. I have heard so many success stories. At the office where I was treated, turns out I’m the only person who was a non-responder. Plus, medicine is advancing so quickly, that I have no doubt that even better biologics with fewer side effects and possibly minimal withdrawal will be coming through any time now.

    I have a 15yr old daughter with severe AD. looking for information about the clinical trial going on with dupixent related to adolescents age 12 to 17. would anyone that's knowledgeable about dupixent and the approval of dupixent for teens please talk with me.

    Hi everyone, I'd like to share some tips that helped me heal my atopic dermatitis. I had been dealing with eczema since I was 10 months old, and I managed to heal it only two years ago, when I was approx. 28. There's plenty you can do, but I strongly recommend to leave out gluten, sugar, and cow's milk. I also started to eat only organic foods and use natural cosmetics and detergents. There are also things you can use to regulate your atopic genes - I've read plenty of new scientific studies about epigenetics, and can recommend Tulsi (holy basil), coconut oil, and apples (organic!). I wish you all the best with your skin. :)

    Hi, has anyone an experience with a bad reaction after a vaccination? My eczema appeared approximately one week after a vaccination (at the age of 10 months) and I know a few people with similar experience. Just share please :)

    Hey everyone! I have wonderful experience with FRESH aloe vera gel... It has soothing, anti‐inflammatory, antibacterial, and wound‐healing properties, and it stimulates the immune system. You can use it both externally and internally. The best thing you can do is prepare your own fresh aloe gel at home—aloe vera can be bought in most gardening shops. Use a knife (preferably ceramic) to cut off a leaf. Cut it longitudinally, and let the clear gel drop into a prepared bowl. Gently scrape the gel off the leaf with the knife, but be careful not to catch the dark green inner layer of the leaf skin with it—it irritates both the skin and digestive tract. Once you have enough clear gel, rub it gently onto the skin and let it dry. Fresh homemade aloe juice is great as well, but again: be careful not to drink the dark green part of the leaf. The dark green layer of the leaf skin may cause stomach cramps or diarrhea when swallowed. Drink the clear gel either alone or add it to a fruit juice—it will wonderfully harmonize the digestive tract. Good luck! ;)

    Hi I developed atopic dermatitis on my face, neck, and back 2 years ago. I have tried Protopic 3 and 10 elilise and cortisone creme. Nothing works. My face is swollen, red, burning, and sore these days. I am trying Desitin diaper rash creme. Who knows if that will work. I know an ointment with pure tar works. Tar seems to heal the skin but I can't find any. Please help this is awful. I never had acne or anything before and now here I am. Yuck, hate this.

    Kiddo gets dry scaly skin and his cheeks turn red if we don't constantly put lotion and cortisone oinment all over him. His mom drops the ball routinely, especially when she taked him to see her hippie parents for a week here and there. Anyhow I'm wondering what the general opinion on using cortisone ointment at bed and in the am before daycare 3-5 / wk. Is this going to be a life long deal? Almost 4 yrs.old and it seems like it is. Is using cortisone over time going to cause thinning of the epidermis or other problems? What can i do to minimize the use of cortisone? Typical trigger for these episodes of scaly skin is mom taking kiddo to her parents and then swimming in a pool with too much chlorine for 3 or more days and then as mentioned completely flagginng on the maintenance. So given that she's going to continue doing things the wrong way, I'm all ears on how best to treat the fallout.

    I am in desperate need of help dealing with my atopic dermatitis. A little back story: I have had it my whole life and have been able to keep it under control very well even with having horrible allergies and I had the perfect foundation etc. for my skin. I recently had my second child and my skin has made a complete 360! I developed cystic acne, I have never even had a hint of acne in my life so I really don’t know what how to treat it without irritating my skin. My dr reconvened acctuane but I absolutely refuse to take it!! the medications and topical I use dry my skin out like crazy! I’m currently using elidel and I’m pretty sure it’s causing Milia all over my face. I have no clue how to get rid of it because I don’t know what kind of face products would be best for my skin. What kind of products work best for you from exfoliation all the way to make up? I need a new everyday routine that will help me with all of these areas!

    From our inbox: "Do you recommend any bedding? I do have bamboo organic sheets. Also have the dust mite covers for pillows & bed (what doctor recommended) but now in search of a comforter." Feel free to share below about the type of bedding that works for you!

    I have atopic dermatitis all over body, prescription creams, shampoos, nothing helps, HELP

    3.25 oz. Of Purified or distilled water .25oz Witch hazel (optional) 5-8drops Tea tree Essential oil 5-8 drops lavender essential oil 3-5 drops Frankincense essential oil 2 drops peppermint essential oil

    Many people with atopic dermatitis/eczema have food allergies or reactions to specific foods. How have you managed your diet at home and while eating out? Do you have any tips or recipes to share?

    How do you manage your eczema flares? Share your tips and techniques below.

    What are your favorite recipes to make during the fall season? Are there any eczema-friendly ingredients that you like to use?

    Hello, for now, I've been having eczema for 3 years. I have eczema mostly on my legs, arms and belly. For me, it was really hard to accept and to get to find what treatment actually worked for me. By far, the treatment that has worked the best is foderma treatment. I really recommend it to you!

    Bella from Facebook shared her recipe for moisturizer that she uses on her 5 year old. She wishes you success in finding the right formula to help you and your little ones get long lasting relief! Use 4-6 tablespoons of raw shea butter (comes already mixed with the olive oil and lavender), melt in double broiler. Add 1 teaspoon pure 100% tea tree oil and 1 teaspoon pure vitamin E oil. Can also add 2 tablespoons YORO Manuka honey or HoneySkin cream. Allow to sit in the refrigerator to harden and use liberally. Thanks, Bella! Feel free to share your experience trying this recipe in the comments below.

    Hello has anyone participated in Clinical trials for atopic dermatitis?

    Itchy skin can feel like one of the worst symptoms of atopic dermatitis/eczema, if not the worst. What treatments and treatment methods have helped you or your loved one with relieving itchy skin? Please share below!

    I found a creme called Derma Kure in Guatemala last year and it is the best treatment I have found so far for my dermatitis on my hands. It is a bio-identical creme made in South Africa and as wondering if anyone has found here in the US or Europe as I have emailed the company and haven’t heard anything yet about stockists. I’ve tried everything steroid creme etc and this absolutely works - anyone else heard of or used this.
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