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How I'm Dealing With Stress

Stress can creep in like an uninvited guest, settling heavily on our shoulders. Lately, my stress has primarily been triggered by my kids.

How have my kids been adding to my stress?

They are all fond of screen time, and when I try to limit their usage, they don't take it well. My 4-year-old, 6-year-old, and 8-year-old are quite attached to screens. While I don't mind them watching on the iPad or TV, my concern lies in the quality of shows they watch and the excessive time spent on screens. Parenting them through this can be extremely challenging.

How parenting strategies have I tried?

I have experimented with various strategies from the parenting playbook - from setting limits on screen time, encouraging outdoor activities, to offering incentives for completing chores. Unfortunately, most of my efforts have been met with resistance, tantrums, and a persistent demand for more screen time, which is becoming overwhelming.

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How do I manage feeling overwhelmed?

To maintain my composure, gain clarity, and steer clear of unwarranted yelling and bursts of anger, I retreat to my car. Before I leave, I ensure that my wife or mother can watch the kids. I granting myself 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the circumstances. I typically take a short drive. Living in Northern California, near San Francisco, I am fortunate to live near beaches and mountains so the scenery is awesome and beautiful. Listening to inspiring podcasts, spiritual sermons, and some calming music, my mind begins to heal from the stress of the day. Sometimes just parking somewhere and just sitting in silence is all that I needed. A change of scenery and a shift in mindset work wonders for my mental, physical, and emotional well-being.


How does my car help?

WThe rearview mirror initially shows my reflection of tired eyes and red flared up skin, but having that moment to myself brings peace and clarity and eases my condition. ithin the confines of my car, the chaos of the day gradually fades away, providing me with the opportunity to sort through my thoughts and unravel the knots of stress. Being in the car gives me a chance to map out my thoughts, untangling the knots of stress. Afterward, my rearview mirror reflection shows me confidence, it reminds me of my resilience, my strength and most importantly my purpose.

How does my stress impact my skin?

Eczema warriors, stress is a trigger to our condition it induces itchy skin, stomach aches, and flare-ups, all are triggered by stress and we all know in our community we have to develop strategies to manage them when they come. Because believe me they come with or without kids.

What do you do?

So what are your strategies and techniques to help relieve your stress? Hopefully you have one and if your haven't considered it maybe trying my technique and strategy of driving in your car. Don't have a car then maybe ride a bike or take a hike, put some AirPods and just listen to something that inspires you. Each of us have our own personal strategies and I hope you would consider mine if you haven't thought of something just a little get away can do so much wonders to your mind, as well as your skin

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