Strength Training and Eczema: What's the Relationship?

Hello, Eczema Warriors!

I want to share with you five compelling reasons why incorporating strength training into your routine can greatly benefit individuals with eczema. While it's important to note that strength training won't cure eczema, in my experience, it has effectively alleviated several symptoms associated with this condition:

  1. Stress Relief: Engaging in regular strength training exercises has helped me reduce stress levels.
  2. Enhanced Immune Function: By engaging in strength training, I have bolstered my immune system, which has minimized my eczema flare-ups.1
  3. Improved Sleep: Strength training has been shown to enhance the quality of sleep, being well rested has helped me with the healing.2
  4. Weight Management: Obesity has shown to be positively associated with atopic dermatitis.3
  5. Increased Self-Confidence: I have improved self-confidence and a positive body image, which is especially important for individuals with eczema who may experience self-esteem challenges.

How can strength training help eczema?

I've created a short video that provides additional insights. Check it out and discover how strength training can positively impact your journey with eczema. Thank you and keep fighting Eczema Warriors!

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