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My Journey With Intuitive Eating

Why are there so many food wars when it comes to caring for our health and nourishing our bodies? Eating used to be a simple act of daily self-nourishment.

Are diets actually healthier for us?

Living with eczema is stressful enough without having to prove ourselves based on our diets. It's hard to fight for a cause and be strict with our meals when we are just trying to survive. Also, if humans are generally able to eat a wide variety of food, why not keep our options open to what will sustain us and save the world in different ways? It is important to make informed decisions, those decisions will be better made when we are able to get to a state of health and balance first.

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Are diets worth the hype?

In this video, Teresa shares her rollercoaster rides on the vegan and omnivore trains. She questions if we ever really need to choose one diet and stick to it for life or if there can be the space and flexibility to eat whatever our body craves without having to politicize or stultify it.

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