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Where Can We Go?

Harry's skin reacts to many things, limiting where we can go, which means Harry (and, to a point, the family) misses out on doing certain activities and going to certain places. Thankfully he's only 3, so (I think) he doesn't fully comprehend this so far.


Playgrounds are something that has to be looked into before we go. If it has sand, Harry can't go to it. The grains of sand cause abrasions to sensitive skin. Sand left dry on the skin can cause itching and discomfort. Sand contains bacteria and also moisture that can aggravate the skin.

If it has bark, Harry can't go to it either (for the same reasons as sandpits). So this limits us to not many playgrounds.


Swimming is another thing. Chlorine swimming pools are a massive no-no. If Harry walks next to a chlorine swimming pool, his skin will flare instantly, and that's not even getting into the water. Saltwater pools don't really work either, as they still have a bit of chlorine.

I'm unsure if the beach is good or bad for his skin. Harry hates the water and refuses to get in. But I'm not sure if this is because the water stings his skin or if he just doesn't like the water. I will find out when he's older and can communicate that to me.

Carpet or dirty houses

Dust mites are one of Harry's major trigger points for his skin flares. So if someone's house has carpet and it isn't cleaned regularly, Harry can't go without flaring up.


Harry is allergic to cat fur and reacts to dogs which is tricky because many people have pets meaning the fur is often on their clothing. Also, many people take their pets for walks, to the playground, cafes, and even shops. So this means we either have to leave, distance ourselves, or suffer from a flare. It also includes zoos, bird sanctuaries, the circus, and other places where there are animals.


Harry can only wear 100% cotton clothes and 100% cotton or leather shoes, which makes clothes shopping very hard. If you look at tags, most of them have polyester or some other material in them as well. Often, there will be a shirt that says 95% cotton, which is still a no-no. His sensitivity to fabric also includes hugging other people. For instance, if someone's jumper is made of wool and they hug him, he will flare.


There are certain activities Harry can't do that many kids love doing. Bubbles will trigger his flares - both because of the chemicals and because they are liquid. The same goes for slime, kinetic sand, painting, play-doh, glue, and even cooking. The ingredients/chemicals in these items and the moisture can trigger his skin to flare.

I suppose one positive for 'him' is that he can't wash up the dishes (water and chemicals) or hang the clothes (damp).

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