Bundle Up and Protect Your Skin 

No matter where you live, taking care of your skin in cold weather can be difficult. You may be wearing heavy moisturizers or medications that stick to your clothing. If you have any rashes, itching, or splitting skin, it can be made worse with dryness from a cold wind. My grandma told me to “bundle up and protect your skin" and I’ve passed that advice down to my granddaughter with atopic dermatitis and eczema.



Trapping your body’s own heat within layers of clothing can keep you warmer, no matter how hard the wind blows.


By keeping the softest, allergen-free fabrics next to your skin, you will have less allergic reactions or rubbing. Try wearing cotton or other natural fabrics as your bottom layers. You can also easily wash these fabrics if they get any medication or lotion on them. For example, wool also traps body heat but needs to be worn over the cotton or silk. You can always cover that with a synthetic fabric, but remember, they do not allow your skin to breathe.


Let your top coat be the one that is moisture and wind resistant. Underneath, you will be cozy and warm. Your skin's perspiration will be wicked and allowed to evaporate due to the cotton layers that are close to you.

Bundle up

You can bundle up and protect your skin easily with soft, light layers next to your skin. Heavier or itchier items will keep the cold out, without causing your skin any discomfort.

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