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Keeping Skin Moist in Dry Winter Weather

The heating unit has been running around the clock. It’s hard to keep the place warm when temperatures drop. Hot air is hot air. It doesn’t matter if your heat is gas or electric - floor furnace or forced air. A toasty indoor temperature warms your body, but can create layers of itchiness or lead to other problems. Unless you have steam heat from a central boiler room, you will need some moisture to help your skin. Any type of heat can mean extra dry and scaly skin. With a condition like atopic dermatitis or any form of skin problems, it can spell trouble. Hang onto your sock hat. There are several solutions for keeping skin moist in dry winter weather.

Steps to Keep Skin Moist

Steam it up

Start by adding moisture into the air using a humidifier. It makes more sense to place it in the room where you sleep. That’s because most of us spend several hours in bed. You’ll get the benefit of moisture all the night. There are many types of humidifiers. Do some research and choose the one that is best for your home.

Slather it on

Go ahead and break out the thick skincare stuff. This time of year is when thick creams are best used for dry patches. I go all out and use a lot of oil. Use different types of oils on different body parts. A light jojoba on your face may be best to prevent break-outs. For your elbows, knees, and heels - bring on the petroleum jelly. When lubing up the other parts, perhaps coconut oil or olive oil will give you just the right balance.

Suit up

Instead of turning up the thermostat, try another way of getting warm. Layering clothing helps to trap warm air close to your skin. Wearing a tank top, shirt, sweater, and even a light scarf can help. Keep a blanket near your chair to trap warm air too!

Serve it daily

Getting moisture on your skin can be an inside job. Be sure to get plenty of healthy oils in your diet. If you add coconut oil to your morning coffee, that’s a start. But don’t stop there! Go ahead and add an extra serving of avocado to your lunch. You might even try sprinkling ground flax seed on your salad. Toss it with a vinegar and olive oil dressing for added flavor. Your skin will have a noticeable improvement.

Start immediately

Think about getting the thicker cream out NOW. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Going back and trying to heal skin that has already begun to peel or crack is not easy. If infection sets in, it may require medication from your doctor.

By taking these easy steps to prevent problems in dry weather, you are ahead of the game. Moisturizing your air, keeping your skin protected, and using healthy oils in your diet, and layering clothing can keep your skin moist in dry winter weather.

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