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Nav Gosal


I am Nav Gosal, creator of Eczema Tracker app and a mother of a child with moderate to severe eczema. Despite mild eczema being a part of our family for generations, I was not prepared to handle the severity of my son’s eczema. When he turned 3, his whole body was covered in an itchy rash, along with food allergies. Because he was too young to resist the temptation to scratch his skin, we faced recurrent infections. He went from being a happy, healthy toddler traveling the world with us to being placed on special diets, with a very restrictive lifestyle based on weather and humidity. We visited doctors’ offices so often they felt like his second home.

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Most of my time was consumed by daunting eczema care routines, trying to find allergy triggers, and foods that he can actually eat, without getting an eczema flare-up. When blood tests, prick tests and patch tests failed to provide any consistent insight into his condition, I started keeping a diary of all his activities, meals and environmental factors that triggered his flares. This led to an interesting idea. Because innovation is often driven by a problem that needs a solution, I developed the app, Eczema Tracker, as a result of not being able to effectively manage my son’s eczema and successfully run my blog, to help people understand this condition. Slowly but surely, I took control of my son’s eczema using the right resources at the right time.

Through all the turmoil and chaos in our lives, I spend my time and resources toward eczema efforts, hoping that someday, a safe and effective option will be available to this incurable condition. I truly believe that if one person can benefit from my story, then that makes it all worthwhile!

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