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22-Year-Old with Chronic Excema & Cold Sores Reviews Dupixent After 1 Year

I have had eczema all my life and been on topical steroids for as long as I can remember. I tried to wean off the steroids after nearly two decades and experienced the worst eczema over my entire body. I could not leave my house for weeks and couldn't sleep. I cried every day and felt so uncomfortable in my body.

My doctor prescribed me Dupixent, and almost immediately my eczema was cured. After one year, I have no flare ups.

However, I tragically was also born with cold sores, a side effect of Dupixent. I have also tried every pill, ointment, light therapy, etc. for cold sores and nothing truly works. For the last few months, I have gotten them almost weekly. I have decided to go off Dupixent to see if this improves the number of cold sores I have been experiencing.

My PERSONAL opinion (I am not a doctor) after reflection about my story is that I still am glad I took Dupixent. However, I cannot handle getting another cold sore and am going to see the impact of stopping Dupixent.

Comment below your experience with Dupixent and cold sores, your experience weaning off and the impact, etc.

  1. I tried Dupixent, my skin was really good while on it . But after 2 months I had really sore eyes, they were so red with puss coming from them . Stopped treatment but it took about 4 weeks to get my eyes back to normal . I'm starting JAK Inhibitors next week 😬. My skin is a mess . X

    1. Hello dear , I am sad to read about your side effects from this medication. Please know you are not alone having to stop and have your skin recover from Duxipent. Here are what some others have written that may be of interest: Obviously, more research is needed for new and better treatments; again, here is further information you may find of interest: Please let us know your thoughts... Sending healing hugs to you, Liz - - Site Moderator

  2. Dear Jenna
    Have you tried applying oregano oil (zane Hellas in a very good brand from Greece available online) - you can dilute this with olive oil and apply to your cold sore throughout the day, and you can take it in a capsule internally. I use this for cold sores and it helps. Wishing you much blessings.

    1. thanks for sharing this tip that you have found to work for you! I just wanted to jump in with a reminder for the thread that what works for one might not work for another so before trying anything new you should check in with your doctor! All the best, Sam S. (Atopic Dermatitis Team).

  3. Dear , it is sad to read about the long difficult journey you have endured. I am so awestruck by your resilience and inner strength to rise up and meet these challenges so well and at so young an age! Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are not alone in our community family. There are many here who have stopped Dupixent for varied reasons. Though I do not have personal experience, here are some articles that may be of interest: ~ ~ ~ Please let us know your thoughts... Sending healing hugs to you, Liz - - Site Moderator

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