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10 Months Without Dupixent

I have successfully been off of Dupixent for 10 months now.

Personal disclaimer: Please note that I am not a doctor nor a medical professional. I do not condone anyone tapering off or withdrawing from Dupixent or any drug without their doctor’s approval or without knowing the possible side effects and danger. I am very well aware that I am tapering off Dupixent at my own risk.

Why I decided to withdraw

In May of 2017, I decided to taper off Dupixent, not because there were any problems, but because there were none! I was doing so well after being on Dupixent consistently for a year that I began to question the purpose of continuing taking the drug.

So I began to taper off of it, little by little.

Natural healing

When it came to my health, my goal was to be able to heal as naturally as possible, without the need for medication. I wanted to be drug-free. But it’s important to recognize that everyone’s goals are different. Some people’s goal is to just live free of pain on a daily basis or to release itchiness. So, they will focus more on temporary relief than long-term treatments. And that’s okay too.

But for me, I wanted to be able to manage my eczema without the need for medication. And fortunately, I can proudly say that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

Healing update

In these past 10 months, I have had what I would consider, two ‘bad’ eczema flares. Where the itchiness, discomfort, and overall physical appearance of my eczema was unbearable. In addition, these flares also lasted me more than two days to recover, but both times, less than a week to gain 90% clarity and normality.

Here’s what I’ve been doing thus far to support me in managing my condition all the other days of being eczema-free:

Healing mindset practices

My daily healing mindset practices are something I still prioritize on a daily basis. This entails me choosing 3 to 6 practices or activities that bring me joy, love, and peace every single day. Yes, and I mean every day. From working out to reading and journaling, to connecting with a friend, healing mindset is about creating opportunities and new experiences to be present and conscious.

Loving up on my skin

Although I am currently healed from eczema, I always take the time to acknowledge and show gratitude to my skin. These moments of lovin' up on my skin remind me of how far I have come and to not lose sight that clear, comfortable skin is not always guaranteed. I thank it for being one with me and for working together to continue forth our healing.

Balanced lifestyle

People always ask me if I have changed my diet or exercise routine during this process of withdrawal. My answer is no. Although I do eat healthy for the most part (lots of fruit, veggies, and chicken), I am not guilty of when I choose to eat my pizza and cookies. (I'm human!) Similarly, when it comes to working out, I exercise four times a week on average. But I can go 2-3 days sometimes without exercising because life happens. I just ensure that I don’t take advantage of my healed skin and I balance out the unhealthy with lots of healthiness!

If you have a similar goal, but don't feel ready just yet to withdraw from a medication you're currently on, you can follow these steps now to prepare for when you are ready.

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