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Allergic to Cetaphil and A-Derma

Hey. I just recently signed up for this forum. I am a 26 year old male and I have been hit pretty hard with my Atopic eczema for the past couple of weeks. I have normally been using a very mild Archiv Creme, which is basically just a fat creme based on Liquid paraffin and Petroleum jelly. It normally works wonders and I have experienced no problems what so ever. Then a couple of weeks ago, due to the hars weather my skin just kinda gave up and using the Archiv creme has not been sufficient even when using Mildison or Cortison creme to keep down the rash and swelling. I have tried 3 different cremes since then, But I have severe allergic reactions to using them. I have tried "Cetaphil restoraderm body moisturizer", "A-derma exomega control cream" and "PSO Specialcréme no 14" I use the creme for 2 days and suddenly I'm covered in red "pimples" it's like I get goosebumbs on my entire body + a terrible rash, when I wash my body and switch back to The old creme, it gets "Normal" hours. Please if anyone can suggest a wondercreme that will work as good as my old did in the summer, please speak up 😀

  1. Hi Orsted,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been hit pretty hard the last couple of weeks and that your Archiv creme hasn't been working like it used to. Having severe allergic reactions to the other creams you mentioned can be so frustrating 🙁

    I hope others in the community will chime in, however I wanted to share with you a list of community recommendations for creams that we gathered in this article: I hope this might be helpful to you in your search to find something that helps.

    Thanks for posting your forum here. Please keep us posted on how your skin is doing. I am wishing for some relief for you soon!
    -Sarah ( Team Member)

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