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Any good tips to stop eyes itching at night?

I don't know about you but my eyes seem to itch more in the evenings. Not sure why? Anyone got any tips to prevent the itchiness?

  1. I probably have contact dermatitis aswell & have been advised to try patch testing. Do you have any experience of this or know anyone who has please?

    1. , I had my patch testing done about a year ago and did find some surprises. It was well worth it! I wrote about it here: My back was a bit itchy for a few days, but not terrible. Hope this helps, Cora Lyn, Team Member

  2. according to a friend who works in the optometry industry, she says it's allergy season so that may cause done irritation. Frequent eye drops certainly helps me.
    Also, on my latest eye doctor visit, I found out that I have bumps behind my eye lid. So I got asked to use a special eye drop called Pataday and it clears up my contact lens pretty well. But supposedly the bumps caused by allergies make me itch.
    Anyway, just started using it.

    1. , I find my eyes are extremely itchy in pollen season, and Pataday was prescribed for me as well. It does help. Thanks for sharing your experience, Cora Lyn, Team Member

    2. great! Thanks for sharing this. Encouraging to know it helps you. Im on it!!! Thank you! Pete ( - Team Member)

  3. Hi I make sure room is not too warm. Dipribase ountment can help with itching also.

    1. Ruthv - thanks for sharing this advice! Keep well. Pete ( - Team Member)

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