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Anyone ever seen this type of rash?

Here are some photos. Anyone guess what this might be? Just point me to the possible cause.

And I don’t take this obviously as medical advice as you really have to go in person and have everything checked up.

I wore a very old Hanes tshirt the night I saw the rash in the morning on my neck. I searched those old Hanes shirts have some bad dye or something in it.

I checked. I don’t think it’s an insect bite and or never felt a bite.

I did eat a Wawa hoagie cold sandwich that night and drank some beer with it.

I’ve had no fevers or felt sick in any way.

The rash hurts when rubbed or pressed on.

Few weeks ago, I did carry some large logs for firewood that had dirt on it and possible weird hardened greenish fungi or something but it was weeks ago and this just occurred 2 days ago .

  1. Hi Crocodileskin, it has been a few weeks since that photo, I am wondering how you are feeling and has the rash changed - better or not? As well, I am curious if your doctor weighed in on this rash. Sending healing hugs your way, Liz - - Site Moderator

    1. - ouch! That looks really sore and uncomfortable. Sorry you're having to deal with this. You were bang on about us not being able to give any type of advice as we're not medical practitioners. Looking at this photo I really don't know anyway. I wonder if it's a sensitivity thing as a result of something you have eaten or drunken? Pete, Moderator

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