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Bedding Recommendations

From our inbox: "Do you recommend any bedding? I do have bamboo organic sheets. Also have the dust mite covers for pillows & bed (what doctor recommended) but now in search of a comforter."

Feel free to share below about the type of bedding that works for you!

  1. Larry asked me to share this for him (from our inbox):
    Five months ago my allergy immune system became disabled and my patch test said I was allergic to the formaldehyde in polyester. I had a terrible time with my bedding until I bought a new bed with a 100% organic cotton top mattress from Brooklyn Bedding and it worked very well but I could not find any sheets to which I was not allergic. I tried; cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, and expensive silk sheets from a bedding supplier in Calif. all to no avail.

    In my quest I talked to a lady in customer service at JB Silks in Ferndale, Washington. She said that everything that I had Tried had chemicals and dye in them. She suggested 100% all natural silk fabric that they sell at $35 a yard.I bought two yards and put the 4 X 6 ft piece on my mattress Shiny side down, dull side up and it worked very well. No allergic reaction. I'm sleeping all night for the first time in five months.

    Now if I could just find some clothes to wear I would almost be back to normal. I had to get rid of every thing I had. All I have that works is Silk pajamas and Bamboo underwear and it's difficult to go shopping in that. Can anyone out there in Allergy suffers land help me.

    -Larry Humpherys

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