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Are dust mites a trigger for eczema?

Dust mites can be a real problem. How do they affect you?

  1. Sure... It is a low energy model called Meaco. I bought for around £130. Every morning I have to empty because the amount of water it draws in is liter incredible! Hope this helps. Pete

    1. Thank you for sharing this,all summer my toso and arms have been ok but now the damp weather is here im scratching myself red raw, our bedroom is a damp mouldy room and iv just made the connection reading your story Thank you

      1. so sorry to hear this! But I'm glad this thread helped you make the connection. Hopefully you are able to do something about it now and get some relief soon! Keep us posted! -Nina ( Team Member)

      2. this is not good. I feel for you. Our environment is fundamental in maintaining our health. If you find yourself in a damp or mouldy room then this, as you say, could be exacerbating your eczema. At least you know about it now and hopefully can make some changes. I wish you all the best and hope your situation improves. Pete ( Team Member)

    2. I know it can be a problem but I have no idea whether it has been a problem for me. However I do know that mold is a big trigger for me. In fact it is the original trigger that started off my eczema.

      I use a dehumidifier to try and control the humidity and mold but apparently it also helps to control dust mites which love high humidity. Lowering the humidity below 50% can apparently kill/reduce dust mite numbers. From what I have read it is best to keep the room around 40-50% relative humidity.

      I do not stay in the room whilst the dehumidifier is on as it is too drying for my skin. This is a bit of a dilemma as my skin is better with a little bit more humidity than the room should be at. Shortly after I turn off the dehumidifier the humidity levels in the room go back up but at least it is hopefully breaking the mould growth cycle.

      However from what I have read in the past the best way to control dust mites is to wash sheets regularly and vacuum carpets, mattress, sofa etc. Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter can be a good idea to prevent stirring up and breathing in the dust. This is probably the way to go and then only use a dehumidifier if you have high humidity or mold issues.

      1. I have a humidifier that I use for my bedroom. It is great at keeping the dust mites and damp out! Thanks for sharing! Pete ( Team Member)

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